Enough is enough

January 30, 2017

Enough is enough

Enough is enough, Jpeg’s here I come

Due not what, that’s it, I have finally made up my mind, after years of swapping from one way to the other, wedding photographer for so many years, I’m not editing RAW anymore!

I’m sure you have done the same, read hundreds of articles, about the pros and cons of not shooting in Raw format….’The quality of the Jpeg is inferior, the jpg doesn’t hold as much information, gives you more choice over editing, more dynamic range, more colours, highlights and tones can be altered much easier!’ etc etc.

How many times, have I edited a RAW file and opened the Fuji Jpeg and then sat squinting at the Imac screen, comparing each and every area of the image, zooming in and out, cropping and re-cropping? It must be hundreds of times, then decided, well, I think the RAW is better and then again perhaps the Jpeg looks a little sharper! 

Ok, years ago, when we first turned to digital and cameras weren’t as smart with things such as dynamic range, or producing colours and white balance correctly but come on, the camera today are phenomenal when it comes to capturing the exposure correctly.

Kevin Mullins makes a very good point when he said “A few years ago he was using the Canon 5D on auto and a photographer asked what settings was he using, when he realised he was shooting in auto, the other photographer said, you have £4,000s worth of camera and you’re shooting in auto, to which Kevin said, you’re using 4ks worth of camera and you’re shooting in Manual, don’t you think the camera can do a pretty good job on its own?

You have to agree that’s a good point. Well the wedding I photographed the weekend in Bath was a wonderful day, fabulous couple, great venue, when I got home and loaded the images, I was very pleased and started the editing process using the RAW files but I wanted to upload a couple of images to Facebook for the newlyweds to view, so I opened up a couple of images in Photo Mechanic, they were stunning, sharp, perfect white balance, I always add a few of my personal filters to the photos anyway but thought…why on earth an I messing about with the RAW files, altering the sharpness, adding a touch of contrast, cropping, adjusting the white balance a smidgen just because I can?

Come on, let’s be real here, if you know your stuff, if you can get the shot right in camera, why mess about. I remember a very skilled and expensive American photographer saying one time “He gets paid to take great wedding photos not sitting in front of the PC! I have used every editing software on the market, my last RAW processor being Capture One 10, which I love but I don’t think it comes close to the Jpegs stright out of the camera!

So no, no, no, I’m not doing this anymore, no more pixel peeping, which I can’t stand, but we all do it, Im going to shoot in RAW + Jpeg mode but only uses the jpegs, yes I know I’ll still have the RAW files as a backup but its Jpegs for me from now on, no more RAW versus Jpeg for me, my wedding images will be from the Fuji Jpegs…. Enough is enough!

“Photography is a Journey, take it with Fuji” Michael Gane – thefxworks