Emotional Wedding Photography

February 12, 2016

Emotional Wedding Photography

Emotional wedding photography

Viewing works of art evokes feeling’s, this can be beautiful painting’s, landscapes or still art.

The artist, impressionist wanted the viewer to be taken into the picture or feel the need to touch and feel the sculpture, that landscape painting draws the viewer into the view, converging lines take the viewer on a journey, experiencing the mood of the moment captured on canvas.

As a wedding photographer, my desire is the same, I need, desire, want to capture the life within the image, I want all those who view the image to experience that same emotion that was in front of me when I took the photograph.

I have this constant desire to capture life, love, fun, real events and moments through my photography, which I truly believe is an art, its not something you just learn, its a need that any artistI has to fulfill, with me its through photography.

Every photography I take is because I could sense, anticipate what was about to unfold in-front of the lens.

This photo I have added to this week’s blog, is an image that I hope takes you into the moment, where you can understand and experience the feelings encapsulated within the image.

Let me briefly explain what was happening the moment I took this photo at a wedding in  Tuscany, where I was privileged to be the official wedding photographer.

This was an incredible wedding in Tuscany, this beautiful Bride was stood with her Brother, all the guest’s were seated outside overlooking the incredible Tuscany hills, this photo was taken just as the master of ceremonies entered the magnificent Villa to tell the Bride that the time had now arrived to meet her future husband, her proud Brother looked at his beautiful sister as she closed her eyes!

A beautiful and magical moment, this is reportage photography!

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