Wedding Photography Editing Process

January 25, 2016

Wedding Photography Editing Process

Wedding Photography Editing Process

This is maybe not the most efficient way of processing wedding exposures, I’m not professing to be a master with regards to my workflow as many of you know, I absolutely love photographing wedding’s and because I shoot mainly in manual, there are only minor enhancing effect’s I apply because I love natural looking photo’s, sorry but I do dislike the over edited wedding image’s we see time and time again.

Well, here goes, I shall give you a quick breakdown of my workflow, I’m sure many will find my workflow could improve and I’m always up for idea’s but the list below, works for me!

1) as soon as I return from photographing a wedding, I immediately check my kit, placing everything in its case, removing batteries etc. All the SD card’s have been placed very safely in my SD case, with the lock set.

2) I create a folder on the i-mac with the name and date of the wedding on my edit drive and also add a folder onto my backup drive.

3) I then open the SD Capture software and begin uploading the image’s.

4) next is very important, I backup all the exposures to the backup folder and burn all the RAF files to a bluray disk, then I can chill knowing the image’s are backed up, still on the SD cards and on disk.

5) I tried using Adobe Bridge but found this program too much hassle, I know its got many options however I just want to open the RAF files and mark my favorite photos, I switched to Photomechanic about 4 years ago and think its brilliant, very straightforward, a dream use. I select the image’s and mark them with 5 star’s, viewing each image full size.

6) straight from Photo mechanic, export to edit in Lightroom.

7) once the image’s have been imported into Lightroom, I select the first image, click on my preset, this starts the editing process, because I do my utmost to take the exposure correctly, I find that this first preset does a pretty good job!

8) I now run through every image, yep, every single image, I’m a real perfectionist and will adjust the crop or angle even when to be honest, the majority of views wouldn’t notice or feel it was necessary but that’s just me! At the same time, I may find I have to alter the exposure slightly but my preset is pretty spot on. Another part of my work flow is to decide which image’s would benefit from B/W filter, if I think several would look good with this filter, I will create virtual copies, then my clients have both image’s, both effects.

9) next, exporting the files, full resolution as Jpegs to a separate folder.

10) back to Photo mechanic, I then open up the image’s and export individual image’s into Photoshop if I feel that a touch of extra exciting is required but only if this adds to the photo.

11) in Photo mechanic, re – arrange the image’s, re – name and then save the image’s, reducing the mega bits ready to save the completed image’s ready to upload for the wedding couple.

The complete process usually takes me roughly 16 hrs from start to finish all edited, then I’ll go through the images and maybe add a few extra touches to make the images perfect.

Hope you find this helpful. – tips and thoughts.

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