E-M1 mk2 Olympus

April 5, 2017

E-M1 mk2 Olympus

Olympus at Stourhead

I know many of you have been following my trials using the Olympus E-M1 mk2 and reading my thoughts about this camera and why I have changed from using the Fuji system to Olympus, I have promised I shall provide my experiences using this camera at my next wedding where I shall be using the Olympus E-M1 as my main camera.

Just as a quick blog, I wanted to upload these images that I took at the beautiful Stourhead property in Mere today, out for a walk with my lovely wife.

I have mentioned many times before how I loved the Fuji system and understood the need to change my approach to my wedding photography in order to get the best out of the Fuji system however I did at times feel that i had missed certain shots, even though the focusing has improved massively, at times the Fuji just seemed to miss focus.

I had to add the above image of this little lad, I saw that he was chasing this bird and lifted the camera and fired 5 shots, each one was in focus; now I know we all agree that Fuji have definitely improved their focus however, I know I would have missed this shot if I was using my Fuji Xpro2, or I would have got the shot but the camera would have back focused or something like that, either way, the Olympus nailed each frame!

I wanted to add these images from todays walk and to say yet again, that since using the Olympus E-M1 mk2, I haven’t lost one shot, due to the focus missing its mark, I can literally point and shoot.

Quick article I know but I just wanted to put my thoughts into writing and provide a few more images from this wonderful camera.