The Digital Age of Photography

October 29, 2015

The Digital Age of Photography

The Digital Age of Photography

Photography has changed, we all know how technology has impacted on our lives, everyone has smart TVs, if you miss the last episode of your favourite TV soap, its not a problem, just search the episode you’ve missed by going online, couples no longer talk to each other they text, you no longer have to leave your room (as one advert shows) you can travel the world from your home!

Take a look at some of the photograph’s taken in Edwardian times, the process required skill and patient’s, no metering systems then, the photographer had to know his or her profession.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I love technology, I’m a real techy photographer, I love receiving the latest gear through the post directly from Amazon, watching all those YouTube clips from camera geek’s that reaveal the photographic equipment, even going into the detail with regards to un-boxing the camera or lens! Maybe that’s a tad too far but you get the point.

I do tend to think that technology has in a way crushed the anticipation of waiting for your photos to to be developed, the excitement of waiting for the images sent through the post! I know you also had the frustration of seeing those images that weren’t exactly as you expected and that’s the amazing thing with digital. I remember when digital was just hitting the market, so many of us professional photographers were slightly less enthusiastic, how could digital ever take the place of film and to be honest some of the first pro cameras to move to digital didn’t quite hit the mark, colours were awful and they weren’t quite as sharp as good old film. But haven’t they nailed it now and we all know that this will continue to improve, noise, sharpness, speed and memory will all improve.

So is there a downside to all this speed and instant preview of the image just been taken?

Sorry but I think so, the world has become photograph mad, people at restaurants take pictures of their food before they’ve tasted it, everyone on the planet has the biggest cameras on the market, you see families out for walks and Dad has his trusty DSLR with him, that huge zoom lens! When I’m photographing wedding’s, nearly every guest has a Canon or Nikon camera with them, yep; everyone’s a photographer! Surly all you have to do, is point the camera and release the shutter?

No: photography is an art, it involves emotion, connection and feeling, in order to connect with those viewing your work, you as the photographic artist must have encapsulated those feelings you felt at the time you released that shutter, its about light, composition and knowing your art, your skills as a photographer. Hundreds of images are uploaded daily to websites, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and the dreaded Instagram where you can edit using every horrible effect known to man. It’s now so easy to delete an image and retake which is fantastic however I feel that the impact of capturing a memory that has meaning has been lost. My daughter recently attended a ball here in Somerset but the only images she took of this fabulous evening was the dreaded selphi.

I do hope that in this day and age of (I want it now) fast paced life there are still people that can see the difference between a fantastic photo, with skill and most importantly emotion and a snapshot taken just because they had the camera! for much more information and tips

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