How to choose your Wedding Venue

February 17, 2016

How to choose your Wedding Venue

Tips to help you choose your Wedding Venue

Ok lets look at the Venue for the Wedding Ceremony this is perhaps one of the first decisions you will need to make about your wedding, where are you going to have the actual wedding ceremony?

If you are having a civil ceremony it must be conducted at a Register Office or at a venue which holds a license for civil ceremonies.

Your Local Authority should be able to supply a list of venues in the area that hold a civil ceremony license. This information may also be available on their website.

Should you decide you wish to get married at a Register Office, then you should contact the staff ASAP, they’ll advise about the procedure of booking the correct date and time for your wedding. They’ll also provide you about all the formalities associated with giving notice of your intention to marry, the documents you will need to produce, the fees you will need to pay and the necessary timescale to allow however if you choose to get married at a venue (approved for civil marriages) you should contact the venue to make a reservation and the staff there will advise you on which Register Office to contact regarding the legal formalities.

If you are having a Church of England or Church in Wales wedding ceremony, you will need to contact the parish minister/vicar of the church you want to get married in. They will advise you on steps you need to take to ensure you can get married on the day you have chosen and comply with marriage legalities.

Scotland has its owns laws regarding marriage, so if you are proposing to get married in Scotland contact the venue for advice on what steps you need to take.

For a marriage ceremony in a religious building (e.g. a church [other than the Church of England], a mosque or a temple), you should contact the religious leader for advice on the correct procedures you should follow.

If in doubt, contact the venue where you want to get married and ask for advice on what you need to do. Venues that are licensed for wedding ceremonies will be used to advising couples.

You will probably need to start looking for a reception venue at the same time as you start to make arrangements for your wedding ceremony. Until you have confirmation that your wedding ceremony can take place on the date and at the time you propose, keep the venue booking as provisional, but keep in touch with the venue to let them know how you are getting on with arrangements and when you will be able to confirm the booking.

Searching for your reception venue will probably be the most time consuming task you face. First of all it is important to clarify what you are looking for in a venue.

Maybe some questions you need to consider are…..

1)How many guests are you hoping to invite?

2)What type of venue Traditional are you looking for?

3)What type of location are you looking for?


5)Modern Other

6)Countryside Other

7)How far your guests will need to travel?

8)Do you want outside Outside

9)venue caterers

10)Which day of the week would you like to hold your reception on?

11)What time do you Start: want the day reception to start/finish?

12)What time do you Start:

13)What the evening reception to start/finish?

14)Do you want overnight accommodation for your guests on site?

15)Do you venue t want the o have a licensed bar?

And something very close to my heart as a wedding Photographer………………..

16) Check they have a contingency plan with regards to photographs should the weather be poor, something many venues fail to provide especially for your Group Photographs.

Put some thought into these very important questions and give some thought to anything else you feel you need to ask yourself, family and Friends can also help.

Remember that the venue will possibly be the biggest expense for your wedding, the most popular will naturally be the most expensive, summer weekends will also be more expensive, many venues offer special prices for mid-week weddings, maybe something to think about. – venue tips and lots more wedding tips to help you plan your wedding day

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