Wedding Photography Bath – Fuji Xpro2

This Gallery is a few images that I photographed as Naomi and Daniels wedding photographer in Bath a couple of weeks ago, wedding photography with these cameras is an absolute blast, the wedding images are stunning from this camera.

Camera Auto Modes

You may be drawn into a false sense of security, they all sound great in theory however scene modes are only the same as Auto mode, the camera still does everything with regards to the photo such as exposure, focus, and everything else, you as the photographer are completely kept out of the process.

Flash Photography

 Flash Photography You can do some pretty amazing things when you get to grips with your Flash Photography, obviously that little blast of light is fantastic at adding a touch a fill when taking photos outside where the light may just add that extra lift to portraits especially under the eyes where you could have […]

Shutter Priority Mode

Freezing action is something photographers have been fascinated with, the ability to freeze photographs of fast-moving action, the Bride tossing her bouquet to her girlfriends at her wedding is a must for fast shutter speeds you could also set the camera to continuous focus and firing mode to fire off several shots at once.

Aperture Settings

Controlling the depth of field is an essential skill in photography, it allows everything in a landscape photograph from the closest detail to the farthest, to appear in focus, or lets say your taking a portrait photograph of the Bride and you want the Brides eyes to appear sharp, selecting the correct aperture will provide you with the perfect detailed shot.

Direction of Light

Photographing weddings in Somerset can be a challenge due to the changes is weather, we provided our wedding services last weekend and we experienced every type of weather throughout the day, from brilliant sunshine through to those black overcast skies, very challenging and this is when is vital to clearly see the direction of light as it changes through the wedding shoot.