Enough is enough

Thats it, I have finally decided, after 20 odd years as a wedding photographer, I’m shooting Jpeg, the fuji Jpegs are better from camera, than I can produce!

Wedding Photography Fashions

Have wedding fashions changed, has the wedding photographer changed, reportage wedding photography is the way to photograph your wedding day, the real wedding photographer

Emotional Wedding Photography

Reportage Wedding Photography should truly capture the atmospere and tell the story of the wedding day. 

Planning your wedding

Im going to begin writing a blog specially for Brides and Grooms planning their wedding day, this will be from my experience as a wedding photographer for over 20yrs  

Steady that shot

Steady that shot in order to take that perfect wedding photo, wedding photography is an art and a skill you have to learn but also has to do with a personal desire to capture memories.

Photography Claire & Pau’s Bath Wedding

This wonderful wedding for the lovely Claire and Paul at the wonderful Wick Farm Bath was a fabulous wedding, the venue is just perfect for those close family wedding’s. The weather wasn’t perfect however the rain did hold off, Wick farm has some lovely locations for those romantic image’s, there is a wonderful barn area and the cottage provides a beautiful backdrop.

Photographer take control

Taking control of your camera in all types of photography is vital, landscape, portrait and wedding photography.

Real Wedding Photography Bath

Memories are so important in life, so if you are looking for a wedding photographer, you want to be able to look back at these images and bring back all the memories for years to come, so really its not that difficult to find your wedding photographer in the end, If it seems “to good to be true” it probably is, look for a professional.

Photographing Wedding Portraits Bath

This absolutely stunning Bride from a recent wedding (local to Bath) was very photogenic and a dream to capture on film, lovely personality, beautiful eyes, it was a pleasure photographing her and capturing her personality in her wedding photo’s however I still took my time and studied her in order to create the wedding portrait photo’s to reveal her beauty.

Wedding Photography Focusing tips

“This Photo attached to this article was taken at a wedding local to us here in Somerset, this lovely little Church in Mere (St Michael the Archangel) the beautiful Bride “Lucy” brushed her wedding dress and she looked so natural with her handsome entourage, this is where you want that focus to be bang on!”

Not all lenses are the same

This image was taken at a wedding in Bath, the Mother of the Bride ran forward and started to throw her last handful of confetti, there was no time to think, I just fired off the shutter of my Fuji XE2, the aperture was set at f5.6 and the focus at infinity, no need to wait, focus, I knew with these settings on the camera, the moment would be captured.

Light Meters at Wedding’s

Photography in Somerset can have its challenges with regards to light however this is usually down to not having enough but Spain in mid July is going to be quite the opposite! As I told Tom, full on sunlight can obviously cause some issues, the challenge with this type of photography is not blowing the highlights or perhaps under exposing to far and losing the Black’s.

Capturing Life through reportage Photography

Reportage wedding photography is where I really feel I’m in my element, I absolutely love looking for those magical moment’s that appear in front of the lens, or those moment’s that I’m always on the look out for, the Bride hugging her Mother or Father, the little child with his or her Grandparents, as a wedding photographer, its imperative that I speak out these image’s, because after all, that’s was reportage photography is all about, its not just snap shot’s, its photography at its highest level.

Only as good as your last photograph

The wedding for Kim and Steven at Orchardleigh House on Sunday was very wet, when we came out of the church at Lullington, the heavens opened, if I had set my sights on taking photo’s at the church, I could have been photographically challenged and this thought process will eventually throw you off guard!

Wedding Photography with Fuji cameras

I now own two Fuji x100s an EX2 and the fantastic XT1 with all those fabulous Prime lenses, if you want a small flash for the cameras, then the nissin i40 is a great little flash and works wonderfully, TLT and manual are available to you and it performs like a best friend!

Autumnal Photography

Many wedding photographers tend to receive less bookings at this time of year and it provides the perfect opportunity to look back at past weddings and focus on your marketing strategy, we still have several weddings to look forward to this year, providing our wedding photography service at Coombe lodge, Orchardleigh House, Wick Farm, Sudeley Castle, Highcliff Castle and the fabulous Manor at Castle Coombe, yes we’re going to be pretty busy right through until Christmas eve but we do love our profession, capturing wedding moments this wonderful county of Somerset.

Camera focusing Tips

If your camera has face detection and you’re photographing a person, then it will probably produce a pretty good shot, however with most other shots it will decide for itself, this means it will select any of the multiple AF points it felt it needed to get the photo in focus. This decision will typically be based on things such as contrast, subject closes to the lens, most contrast point, because it knows exactly which is the main point right?

Beyond Average Photography

Well, your camera not only expects a scene to average out as mid-gray, this means that it is therefore programmed to set the exposure ensuring that your DSLR delivers this mid-gray average so everything being seen by the camera comes out of the camera at this middle grey!

Flash Photography

 Flash Photography You can do some pretty amazing things when you get to grips with your Flash Photography, obviously that little blast of light is fantastic at adding a touch a fill when taking photos outside where the light may just add that extra lift to portraits especially under the eyes where you could have […]

Posing for wedding Photos

Our responsibility as wedding photographers is to produce fabulous wedding photos, if you find yourself just attending a wedding and running through the same shots you always take, the safe shots then you seriously need to look at a different profession, yes you need to ensure you get the safe shots in the bag firstly but then, move, change your angle, look at the light, the shadows, produce those images that make all who view them smile.