Beyond Average Photography

Well, your camera not only expects a scene to average out as mid-gray, this means that it is therefore programmed to set the exposure ensuring that your DSLR delivers this mid-gray average so everything being seen by the camera comes out of the camera at this middle grey!

Camera Auto Modes

You may be drawn into a false sense of security, they all sound great in theory however scene modes are only the same as Auto mode, the camera still does everything with regards to the photo such as exposure, focus, and everything else, you as the photographer are completely kept out of the process.

Photography tips

I have used this effect at weddings in the past, when you have time to play, it produces brilliant images, I just focus on a guest or the Bride and Groom and let the other guests become a blur, practice practice practice and you too will produce incredible, imaginary and artistic photography.

Shutter Priority Mode

Freezing action is something photographers have been fascinated with, the ability to freeze photographs of fast-moving action, the Bride tossing her bouquet to her girlfriends at her wedding is a must for fast shutter speeds you could also set the camera to continuous focus and firing mode to fire off several shots at once.