Auto Versus Manual Photography

October 6, 2015

Auto Versus Manual Photography

 Auto versus manual Photography

There are many people in the world who would like to try and tell you that you couldn’t possibly ever be a professional ” photographer if you shoot using Auto.

I must admit they do have a point, using Auto mode can limit your ability to take stunning wedding or portrait and landscape photographs in a lot of ways.

However at the same time, it makes it a lot easier to get things right.

I’ve seen some truly lousy shots using the “advanced” modes designed for “proper” photographers: awful exposure, terrible focus, bad color, nightmare contrast, the list goes on…

And in a lot of cases those bad photographs simply wouldn’t have happened if the mode dial had been set to Auto.

But of course, auto is definitely not infallible (then again, no camera feature is), but it is a lot more “serious’ than it’s given credit for.

The main thing to realise is that “point-and-shoot” is not always a bad thing. I remember when one of my Daughters went to Egypt for a holiday, some of the photos she took on her I-Phone were just amazing!

With a single turn of the dial, auto can release the pressure on the Photographer, so you don’t have to worry about which of the countless buttons, dials, and menu items on your camera need to be set, or how.

That’s a whole lot of technical know-how that you don’t need to worry about, leaving you to concentrate fully on what it is you are photographing, weather thats a landscape or portrait image.

If you still need convincing, just look at some of the awesome shots on Instagram that have been taken using a smart phones, you can be pretty certain that most of them were taken with a fairly basic camera using nothing more than the auto mode.

So the question to ask, is “why use manual mode” when the camera can sort everything out for you!

Well, lets think about this magical option and see if we can convince all those auto chaps to turn that dial and start using the camera and not letting it provide the service for you.

The image attached to this blog was taken in Auto or Manual, what do you think?

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