Auto Exposure versus manual exposure.

When you switch your camera to Auto, your camera takes control of three areas in order to produce what the camera thinks is the perfect exposure.

The tree areas are - exposure, focus, and colour, now you don't have to worry about what's going on, isn't that magic, you can relax and enjoy just snapping away, you could think this is great fro my wedding photography, I don't have to think anymore!

Because of this there's a very high chance that each and every shot you take will be well exposed, well focused, and colour accurate. That's no small achievement.

Did you know that your camera has had thousands of images stored on its chip as minute data, this is to help the camera work out what its supposed to do with the exposure, it kind of says within milliseconds, oh thats a Bride or oh I recognise this shot its a landscape!

The beautiful Mother of the Bride attached with this Blog was taken at a wedding in somerset just the other week, tell me, was this auto exposure or manual, did the camera select the correct settings, creating the soft bokeh and the beautiful natural colour balance?

Exposure: If you shoot in Auto you don't have to worry about balancing your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to get an exposure that's correct the camera will take care of that challenge for you.

It will also try to ensure that your shots aren't blurred through camera shake and it may even add a burst of flash if it thinks it's going to help. Wow, I here you say, I'm now a professional photographer, how good is that!!

Focus: Your camera looks after all your focusing needs when the mode dial's set to Auto, locking on to your subject with minimum fuss and quite possibly tracking it across the frame if it moves. Its now using all those focusing points to their full potential of the focusing system, Auto wants to make sure your subject is perfectly in focus when you fire the shutter.

Colour: When it comes to colour accuracy, Auto mode's is right there with you, you don't need to worry yourself with colour temperature or Kelvin, or even get technical about what those things to start with. In addition, your camera will tweak the level of contrast or sharpness, use highlight recovery when it's needed, apply noise reduction, and call on myriad in-camera controls that will help to optimise each and every shot you take.

Thats fantastic, I here you say, why do I want to ever move from this incredible brain on my camera, my wedding images will be just perfect!

We'll thats what we are going to cover next in more detail, remember I mentioned about the camera recognising the scene your focusing on, surly it will nail the shot every time I push that little shutter button and fire of the shot?