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Wedding Photography fads

Lets move away from the smile at the camera wedding images and get real with wedding photography

Olympus 9mm fisheye lens

How good is the Olympus 9mm fisheye lens and could this little lens produce anything worth keeping?

Wedding Photography Fashions

Have wedding fashions changed, has the wedding photographer changed, reportage wedding photography is the way to photograph your wedding day, the real wedding photographer

Perfect Portraiture

On occasions I'm asked to provide a portrait shoot, as part of my wedding business I often take pre - wedding shoot's usually in the city of Bath and occasionally at a National Trust property, there are several very close to us here in Beckington on the Somerset border.

Fuji X-T2 Wedding

Check out these images taken at a recent wedding using the new Fuji X-T2; a fabulous camera in my opinion for Wedding Photography

Emotional Wedding Photography

Reportage Wedding Photography should truly capture the atmospere and tell the story of the wedding day. 

Photographer take control

Taking control of your camera in all types of photography is vital, landscape, portrait and wedding photography.

Light Meters at Wedding's

Photography in Somerset can have its challenges with regards to light however this is usually down to not having enough but Spain in mid July is going to be quite the opposite! As I told Tom, full on sunlight can obviously cause some issues, the challenge with this type of photography is not blowing the highlights or perhaps under exposing to far and losing the Black's.

Capturing Life through reportage Photography

Reportage wedding photography is where I really feel I'm in my element, I absolutely love looking for those magical moment's that appear in front of the lens, or those moment's that I'm always on the look out for, the Bride hugging her Mother or Father, the little child with his or her Grandparents, as a wedding photographer, its imperative that I speak out these image's, because after all, that's was reportage photography is all about, its not just snap shot's, its photography at its highest level.

Travel Photography in York

There are so many fabulous places in this world for the keen travel photographer, I must admit I love discovering new locations to enjoy and naturally document with my trusted x100s built by those guys at Fuji.

Beyond Average Photography

Well, your camera not only expects a scene to average out as mid-gray, this means that it is therefore programmed to set the exposure ensuring that your DSLR delivers this mid-gray average so everything being seen by the camera comes out of the camera at this middle grey!

Choosing when to shoot!

By midday, with the sun is high in the sky you need to turn your attention shadows and look for well interesting shapes, and saturated colours. The quality of light at this time tends to produce sharp and crisp images.

Reportage Wedding Photography

The difference between an okay shot and a good one is often down to small changes. If you focus on the details and consider the image you may be able to transform it into something extra special. 

Celebrity Weddings with Hello Magazine

Why not choose to have Photography and Video for your wedding, we can provide both services for you all in one special wedding package.

Portrait Photography

So many of my Brides say how they have never had such amazing photos taken of them, one such Bride said “I cant believe its me, I look lovely” this is down to composure, looking for the light and being a part of the photograph before you fire the shutter.

Manual Photography

So after all said in this very short article, practice, don’t just look, see and take the next step and go fully manual.