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Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Make your landscape, wedding photography shine, get passionate, learn your Art, turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary.

Fuji and Capture one 9.2

Using Capture One for editing my Wedding Photography Photo's and seeing how this program exceeds my expectations. 

Wedding favours and table displays

wedding favours and table displays to help make your wedding reception look beautiful for your guests and your wedding photography, lots of tips for you to read through here.

Top bridal Wedding Tips

The most important tip is Enjoy your wedding day, its a once in a lifetime experience, don't stress about the weather or about little details that know one will ever notice, Enjoy your wedding, laugh, smile and have fun and make sure its captured so you can look back and relive the day forever.

Flash Meter

Its great for teaching you the settings on your camera, after a while you will find yourself judging the exposure first and then just checking this with the meter, I personally use the Sekonic L-308s model, its in-expensive and provides you with that extra confidence.

Bouncing Flash

I try my best to bounce my on camera flash whenever its possible as this ensures the light is evenly spread and provides a much softer light.

High Contrast Photography

Its all about looking at the subject or scene infront of your eyes and understanding the light and how you want this to impact on the photograph you are about to take.  

Colour and quality of light

So why not start thinking more about the quality of light when taking those photographs, become aware of the light, the colour and the direction of the light source, you will be amazed at the difference this little trick will make to your photographs, yes even those selphies!!


Wedding photography is an art, it’s not down to the camera or how much you have spent on equipment,  it’s about your skill as an artist, be creative and as always look for the light.

Complexity in Photography

Wedding Photography through to Architectural photography can utilise these simple rules as these can enhance your photograph and draw the viewer into the photograph.


The image I have chosen to add to this article was taken in Italy, I just saw the incredible lines of perspective the train, platform and tracks added to my field of view.