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Wedding Photographer Bath

Wedding's in Bath

Very busy year, new Olympus E-M1 mkii, new little Flash and lots of wedding photography

Enough is enough

Thats it, I have finally decided, after 20 odd years as a wedding photographer, I'm shooting Jpeg, the fuji Jpegs are better from camera, than I can produce!

Planning your wedding

Im going to begin writing a blog specially for Brides and Grooms planning their wedding day, this will be from my experience as a wedding photographer for over 20yrs  

Steady that shot

Steady that shot in order to take that perfect wedding photo, wedding photography is an art and a skill you have to learn but also has to do with a personal desire to capture memories.

Photography Claire & Pau's Bath Wedding

This wonderful wedding for the lovely Claire and Paul at the wonderful Wick Farm Bath was a fabulous wedding, the venue is just perfect for those close family wedding's. The weather wasn't perfect however the rain did hold off, Wick farm has some lovely locations for those romantic image's, there is a wonderful barn area and the cottage provides a beautiful backdrop.

Priston Mill Wedding Photographer

Priston Mill near Bath and Bristol, the ancient Watermill and Tythe Barn makes for the perfect location for your wedding receptions and/or ceremony.

Real Wedding Photography Bath

Memories are so important in life, so if you are looking for a wedding photographer, you want to be able to look back at these images and bring back all the memories for years to come, so really its not that difficult to find your wedding photographer in the end, If it seems “to good to be true” it probably is, look for a professional.

Photographing Wedding Portraits Bath

This absolutely stunning Bride from a recent wedding (local to Bath) was very photogenic and a dream to capture on film, lovely personality, beautiful eyes, it was a pleasure photographing her and capturing her personality in her wedding photo's however I still took my time and studied her in order to create the wedding portrait photo's to reveal her beauty.

Bath Wedding Photographers

The City of Bath is a beautiful place to hold your wedding, fabulous wedding venues in Bath and the surrounding areas, a magical place to get hitched, superb for your wedding photographer to capture the day 

Homewood Park Wedding Photographer

Homewood Park Wedding Photographer

Homewood Park is a beautiful country house, fabulous for your wedding venue, very local to Bath. Perfect for the small intimate wedding or large family wedding celebration. 

Katrina and David's Winter Wedding in Somerset

What could be more fabulous than recording memories through Photography, spending the day with a Bride and Groom and all their family and friends, being part of the couples most special day, their wedding.

Wedding Photography Focusing tips

“This Photo attached to this article was taken at a wedding local to us here in Somerset, this lovely little Church in Mere (St Michael the Archangel) the beautiful Bride “Lucy” brushed her wedding dress and she looked so natural with her handsome entourage, this is where you want that focus to be bang on!”

Photography Bath Skyline

Photographing Bath Skyline, using long exposure during wedding's, great for photographing interiors at Wedding's

Winter Wedding's

Winter wedding's, photography at this time of year is fantastic, choose thefxworks as your official wedding Photographer and receive 20% your Winter Wedding Photography service.  

Samyang 12mm Fuji X mount lens

Well as you know I have recently mentioned my latest lens (Samyang f.2 12mm lens) I'm not going to go into all the details of the lens but lets just say “I love your style and how it looks, its superbly balanced and looks great on my Fuji EX2.