Sigma 135 on Sony A9 Review

michael gane -

Now I’m not a man of many words when it comes to writing Blogs in a technical manner, I’m very much a photographer who bases my impressions on what a camera or lens produces for me.

Very briefly I have just recently moved over to the Sony A9 and to say its incredible, the best camera i have ever owned, really doesn’t do the Sony A9 justice, but it is!

I shot this photo-shoot in the beautiful Botanical Gardens (in the historic City of Bath) using the Sigma 135 mm. Now i’m pretty sure the G-Master 135 mm lens could possibly provide better focus in low light, or possibly the image quality may be sharper (when Pixel peeping) but paying the extra £1000.00 for the G-Master just seemed a tad nuts to me as Sigma lenses are pretty darn good now.. but enough of me, please take a look at these images, all Jpegs with a some editing however to be honest they really didn’t need it!

I have reduces the rez to 72 - 1500x1500 for my blog but I can assure you, the quality from this lens is outstanding and focus nailed every shot!

Oh, just a little info with regards to setting - Aperture from 1.8/5.6 - Auto ISO and Shutter set not to drop below 1/250 - Mechanical Shutter as I used a tough of back flash and tracking Flexible spot (M)

Thanks for checking this out. Michael Gane