Editing 4k on a slow PC system with DaVinci resolve.

November 4, 2019

Editing 4k on a slow PC system with DaVinci resolve.

Editing 4k on a slow PC system with DaVinci resolve.


If like me you’re fed up with using Adobe software because of their extortionate monthly instalments or you have a PC/Laptop that isn’t built for editing power eating 4K footage then this little blog will help you get past the issue and open up the possibilities of editing 4K using Davinci resolve or to be honest most editing systems.

Firstly you’ll need to download this free software from this site – http://www.squared5.com/

Davinci Resolve software – https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/

It’s a very simple encoding tool, you can either encode all files into one continuous Mpeg file or (as I would recommend) go to the edit menu and batch encode the required 4K files.

I chose to encode my clips too 720X576 it just seemed the least power crazy format however you could choose a higher resolution if you wish, maybe 1280X720.

When all the files are converted, you can then set up a project using 4K settings, the next stage is import these low resolution files and change the project setting to your encoded footage size I.E 720X576.

This lets you edit happy in the editing system, once you have completed editing (this is vital or the project will possibly crash) change the settings back to your full 4K settings, then save and shut the software down.

Next, you need to change the folder name where the low resolution files are to the name of the full 4K resolution files folder, this tricks the software into unporting the full 4K files, when you open up the editing software, the full 4K files will be in the project, with all the edits ETC.

Export the project as normal and you’ve successfully edited 4K footage on your standard PC/laptop.