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Fuji X-T20 Model shoot Bath

This isn't going to be a huge technical Blog about the XT20, there are plenty of those out there and to be honest many have the knack of producing much more detailed info than I can, I wanted to show the jpegs straight out of the camera, I always personally like to view photos from new equipment, therefore this is my focus here!

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When you asked to produce a series of Model Images for a friend it can be a little daunting, I consider myself a true professional after all I've been in the business for a long time however I find it's always a challenge when asked.

Have you been asked to photograph a friends wedding before? If you have you'll understand where I’m coming from, crazy isnt it? Although I love the opportunity and privilege to photograph a family member's wedding, it's kind of like being asked to cook a meal for Royalty!

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Stourhead N/T Property 

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These images were taken at a wonderful location just outside Bath, quite a cold miserable day however Victoria was looking radiant.

I took along my Fuji X Pro2 56mm lens, the 50-140mm Zoom lens and my latest camera, the XT20, fabulous little camera, feels very responsive and managed to take some fabulous images.

Vicky Model shoot

It's a great little camera, with its 24.3-megapixel sensor the brand new image processor, the Fuji X-T20 Digital provides very fast autofocus, great start-up speed, and the incredible 4K video, which I aim to test soon, great Film Simulation modes. Its compact and ergonomically  designed, very lightweight a tilting touchscreen monitor, 3 aluminium dials for quickly and easily adjusting the aperture, shutter speed, and shooting functions.

Stourhead Mere

You can see from some of the images that the backlighting was quite harsh at times and yet the camera didn't have problems focusing, cameras are getting so crazily good now and just another point, I should have altered the noise setting as I prefer to keep this as low as possible, the images do look a little smooth however I feel it looks ok on this shoot. I wouldn't feel using this camera at a wedding couldn't provide me with some super shots, the world of the BIG brute camera is seriously on its way out!

'Photography is a journey; take it with Fuji' Michael Gane - thefxworks