Olympus E-M10 mk2 does B&W

I take my cameras everywhere, I'm a firm believer that photography is an ongoing learning process, yep even after 25 yrs plus as a Professional Photographer, I use the word Professional not as some BIG me up title but because photography is my full time profession, the actual definition of the word professional is as follows -  engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as an amateur.

Anyway I digress, I'm often asked by friends and family ‘what do you photograph?’ well, everything and anything that catches my attention.

Most days I go for a walk around the lanes here in Somerset, it gets me off the I-mac and the editing process and gives me time to think.

The few that happen to come across my diary Blogs know that I’m very much a Fuji Photographer, I have worked with some pretty impressive companies over the years, including Disney, Sony however a few years ago I moved completely away from the mad corporate world and put my main focus into Wedding Photography, I used to travel all the UK and europe but now tend to offer my Wedding Photography in Somerset and the occasional wedding in Italy as I love Italy!

So I fancied getting hold of another small camera and had read several reviews about the Olympus E-M10 mk 2, many years ago I had an Olympus camera, which I very much enjoyed using and decided I get hold of an Olympus yet again to take with me on my walks, rather than taking my Pro- Fuji’s with me.

I bought the 45mm 1.8 lens, I kind of went for this lens because it's similar to a portrait lens, great for Grandchildren shots, nice wide aperture.

This little camera is very small, but feels comfortable in the hands, all the reviews speak about the confusing menu however i didn't find it a problem and soon had the camera set as I wanted. It does have several shooting photo options, a bit gimmicky for me but my Daughter thought they were great fun, it has a touch screen that allows one to tap the area that one wishes to focus, which is quite fun, I found when it goes into sleep mode, it starts up pretty quick, the battery life was ok, I took about 300 images and the battery was still showing power. The camera shoots in RAW or Jpg, I’m just keeping it set on Jpg.

The focus tracking is good fun, it's like using a video game, targeting the subject, in good lighting, once it's locked on, it does a pretty good job and the face and eye detection is fun to use too, I took some great shots of my Daughter and Grandson who doesn't keep still for a second, check out these few test shots with my Daughter in the home, with average lighting, locked onto her face and the images were sharp.

So, my thought’s, if you fancy a fun little camera, to take with you everywhere, good quality jpegs, plenty of lenses to choose, try out the Olympus E-M10 mk2, you may be surprised.

All the images were straight out of the camera, all shot in A-Mode f1.8/ 5.6.