American Wedding and Olympus

January 30, 2019

American Wedding and Olympus

American Wedding and Olympus

Having the opportunity to use my Olympus E-M1 mkii for a wedding in the US wasn’t going to be missed.

The wedding was in corolla outer banks of North Carolina and apparently they pronounce it corral.

If you gonna get married do it style; I had the privilege of documenting a wedding through photography at the beautiful and stunning coral island in America last week.

What could be better given the opportunity to photograph a wedding in the USA and especially at this stunning location,  on the incredible the Atlantic coastline.

It was a  nine hour drive from South Carolina, where we had landed. I’ve been a wedding photography for about 25 years and have had the privilege of photographing many different styles from India through to Jewish, Spanish Italian, however I had never had the opportunity to photograph an American wedding. There are some minor differences in the way the wedding day celebrations unfold.

It’s wonderful to see all the family and friends attending a beautiful evening style reception, party, before the main event and you’ll find members through the evening raise a glass of champagne and show their love to the couple for those that are gonna be well next day.

I arrived at the venue two hours before the ceremony began, the gorgeous beach, sunshine would have been wonderful, however looking back on the wedding now, it did tend to make it a tad easier for me, it may have been a challenge with direct sunlight, which would have been directly on  the bride and groom at the time of the ceremony.

Slightly overcast skies provided the perfect backdrop, a wonderful scene, looking out to the Atlantic sea.

I’ve been using the Olympus E-M1 mkii for a few  months now and I was so looking forward to using this wonderful camera in America for this beach wedding.

I know from experience now, using this camera the speed of focus the shutter speed and the metering is absolutely fantastic and it worked through everything I believed in.

The ceremony was held by Brides closest friend, wonderful words, personal thoughts demonstrating to all their love for  eachother, they then went on to the celebration of marriage, being drawn to together with their vows.

During the wedding celebration, two glasses were filled with sand from the beach for all to view on a  little table with a picture of the Bride and Groom.

My style of photography when capturing a wedding and the romantic images of the bride and Groom is always natural, I want the Bride and Groom to feel free, natural together, this always provides wonderful and beautiful natural photos, capturing wonderful memories.The reception was very intimate, a true lovely celebration of wonderful Family and Friends.

Family and Guests within the party gave their blessing to the newlyweds, with words of love.
It was such an amazing privilege having the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful Wedding.

The Olympus E-M1 was fantastic to use and is absolutely my main workhorse with regards to my profession as a wedding photography.

If you wish to see how this camera performs in real life, with real life wedding photography then please scroll down and check out the Wedding images below.