The Modern Wedding Photographer

September 29, 2016

The Modern Wedding Photographer

The Modern Wedding Photographer

When you look at films from the 70s period with regards to Photography, the scenes are always familiar, the Photographer dressed in some awful suit, usually grey and standing outside the venue/church ready to take those staged group shots.

In those times, you had rolls of film, what a nightmare having to change the roll of film depending on light, which ISO would be best suited for the light available.

Thank goodness things have changed however I still come across those photographers that stick rigidly to old style photography, getting the newly married couple to look at the camera and smile, staged photos, everyone stood in a line, no thought’s for artistic flair or thinking about the personality of the client.

This is very far away from my style of photographing weddings, I want to be in with the action but not impacting on the day’s events. This is why I love the Fuji X cameras, I can capture those images that tell the story from the wedding day.

Yes I naturally take those group photos but I like to put a bit of thought into the image, using the location and sometimes arranging seating to bring the group together, hands on shoulders, even separating the group to give a different perspective on the final photo.

A client asked me recently if I could take a few minutes checking out the venus gardens in order for the gardener to plant in areas I chose, when I explained that I love to work without preconceived ideas, the beautiful bride to be mentioned that same old Photography Quote “isn’t it better if the area for the photos are in shaded location, rather than full sun?” We’ll I know it can be a tad more tricky shooting in full sun due to shadows etc but with the correct positioning of the group or couple, the images can look incredible with all the colours and contrast on a sunny day, to be honest, Id must rather shoot on a beautiful sunny day here in Somerset than a cold wet overcast day!

I absolutely love reportage wedding photography, i never just shoot, every picture I take is because something caught my attention or I anticipated the next shot, that’s my style when it comes to shooting a wedding with my Fuji cameras.

This wonderful wedding which I photographed here in Bath was at the gorgeous Orchardleigh House just outside Bath, Stephanie and Patrick had flown in from Dubai and the sun did not hide itself away, I have added a few of the stunning life I captured using my favorite Fuji Xpro2.

Check out more images below.

“Photography is a journey; take it with Fuji”   Michael Gane – thefxworks