Fuji 50-140mm f2.8 lens Wedding

December 19, 2016

Fuji 50-140mm f2.8 lens Wedding

Well, I did say that I would add some more images that have been taken using this fabulous FUJINON XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR lens after my experience using this for a recent Wedding I photographed near Bath.

I did mention in many of my previous blogs when chatting about this lens, the reasons for getting hold of this lens is down to a particular Wedding i will be photographing next month, where my usual style of shooting a wedding with my Prime lenses isn’t going to be an option due to logistic of where the wedding ceremony will be taking place.

I have attached a link directly to fuji below, for you to check out the technical information.

I did many tests with several different lenses before deciding that the Fuji lens was the one for me, I had a superb day testing the lens at a wildlife nature reserve near us here in Somerset, if you like you can view that shoot (here)

The Wedding Day:

I arrived at the Venue (Orchardleigh House) about two hours before the ceremony, the beautiful Bride had requested that I take a few reportage shots of her and her lovely Bridesmaids, this also gave me the opportunity to capture some natural photos of the Guests arriving at the venue. I must say that my style is very much documentary style, I’m not a fan of pre-contrived shots, I love to photograph the real wedding day.

For the Bridal prep images, I would usually stick with my Fuji 56mm Prime lens but I was determined I was going to push the zoom lens and see how well it would perform.

I must admit one of the first things I love with using the Zoom, is, I could stand in one area and cover the entire room if I wished, and also shooting at f2.8 was a breath of fresh air, I normally shoot at f1.2 on the 56mm, therefore being very conscious of the narrow depth of field but hey, with the f2.8 the need to be hyper critical wasn’t as necessary!

I set the shutter speed too 1/80 which naturally help to keep the ISO low as the lighting in the Boneta Suite at Orchardleigh was a tad dark due to the overcast day.

The focus was fabulous, it may have hunted a couple of times however I think that was more down to me, maybe not capturing a more detailed area to lock focus but on the whole, I didn’t notice any issues.

Another little point, I set the Fuji Xpro2 to power off after 15 seconds, I did find that the whirling of the gyroscopes on the lens did tend to reduce the battery life, however after setting the power option to 15 seconds, perfect.

I do hate to pixel peek but I think the RAW images did look a miniscule flatter than my prime lenses but you really need a microscope to clearly see any difference, anyway after processing the Images in Capture One, i feel they’re beautiful.

I have read a few reviews where photographers have mentioned the Bokeh from this lens as not being good enough, well, I consider myself as quite a perfectionist and to me, I find the Bokeh is wonderful!

I must say, I feel that the Ceremony images have a wonderful look to them, definitely a more softer cut out feel to the Photos, I love the look, I’m not saying, not sharp but something different. They do say ‘using a zoom lens is one of the best lenses for portrait’ never sure who (they) are but this is what i’ve read!

For the Ceremony which was held at St Thomas Moore Church in Bradford on Avon near Bath, I did ensure I had the camera on my mono pod, It only weighs 10 grams so this isn’t an issues and just ensured I nailed the shots as this was a full on new test, (If your going to jump out of a plane, you can practice all you want but eventually you have to jump!) and therefore I wanted to ensure that i had a firm hold on the lens.

As many other pro-photographers, the reason behind my move to fuji was the lightness of the mirrorless camera system therefore could the Fuji Zoom be taking me a step backwards? Well, it’s heavier than the Prime lenses but It didn’t cause me any grief.

Anyway as always the best way to check the food is in the eating, so please check out a few more images from this lovely wedding and see what you think, but I love the FUJINON XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR lens and its staying firmly attached to my camera, just one more thought, if you fancy doing some Wildlife Photography, take a look at my blog (HERE) with regards to the X2 Converter, makes a great added focal length to the lens.


“Photography is a Journey, take it with Fuji”  Michael Gane – thefxworks.