Best Wedding Photo

January 18, 2016

Best Wedding Photo

Every photographer looks for and wants to take that photograph that stunning image, the perfect exposure, once in their lives however sometimes the photo just appears in front of the lens that perfect moment.

This magical image could be anything, naturally photography is subjective, the same as Art, someone may look at a particular abstract painting and see nothing special, where as the same painting can blow the minds of others.

Sometimes its purely just luck, that lucky shot, being in the right place at the right time!

Well, I have to admit this is exactly what happened here with this photo, this wonderful little flower girl decided she was going to take a little stroll by herself at this wedding in Bath where I was the official wedding Photographer, she wondered away, drawn by the doves that took to flight just as she got a little too close for their liking!

Sometimes that perfect photo just happens – – wedding tips and information.  

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