Back light Bride

I love using natural light to provide back-lighting.

Back-light can be used to stunning effect in your work;  it’s one of my favourite types of light to seek out for Portrait or wedding photography, when light is coming from behind the subject it enables me to create a visual separation from the background and highlight the edges of the subject.

The image with this article was taken in Somerset at a wedding in late autumn its best to try and capture this light when the sun is low however if the sun is high in the sky it is still possible.

In this photograph the sun was directly behind the Bride which I love and I used this light to spread through the veil enhancing the skin tones and creating this flare effect to the veil, that incredible light from the sun really helped to created this beautiful image of the Bride, this is what I saw and this is what I wanted to capture for her.

By creating a ring of light around her required effectively shooting into the light, you do need to make some technical adjustments to your camera to achieve a good exposure and this is where using manual settings comes into play.

Your camera can be fooled having this amount of back light and will underexpose your subject; in manual simply open up your lens or reduce your shutter speed to allow more light onto the sensor.

It does take practice however this is what photography is all about, even though I have been a professional photographer based in Bath for many years, I still practice most days to improve my skills, you never stop learning, practice practice practice, this will help you break the rules enabling you as the photographer to capture the image as you see it; not as the camera thinks the final image should appear.

Get passionate with your photography, go on break those rules and be inspired!