We can look forward to a stunning weekend, the British Summer is looking like it’s about to begin!

What have you planned for this weekend; why not get your camera gear out of its bag, give it a good clean and challenge yourself to take a photograph of something unusual, plan to search for something different that captures your attention, think about why you find this object as something special to capture, look at different ways you can capture everything you are feeling in order at the seconds before you take the photograph, so that you and others connect to the image and feel the emotion you were feeling at the time you pressed the shutter.

Take your time; look for light, shadows contrast, colours maybe it’s a beautiful landscape or some kind of inanimate object.

Go on take the challenge and then let everyone see the photo and understand how your feelings can be captured within the image!

I have a wedding to photograph this weekend in London and I shall challenge myself to look even closer at my Art to capture the eye contact and emotion when photographing the guests, its fantastic capturing emotion within the image.

Go on Challenge yourself!