The Boboli Gardens Florence

The Boboli Gardens are an incredible park in central Florence; when you visit Italy this is a must visit in Florence; all I can say is, if you love photography you will be in love with this magnificent place.

We were photographing a wedding in Florence and as always we arrived a few days prior to the wedding to ensure we were all ready and relaxed to begin our work in a couple of days.

I would never leave the journey to last minute, even when photographing weddings in the UK we always ensure we arrive 2 hours before the ceremony, this provides us ample time to check out the location.

Any way back to the Boboli Gardens, when you walk into the garden through the main gates, you are immediately enthralled by the Italian building at the top of the drive way with several statues seated within the beautiful manicured hedges, the lighting was beautiful, you just have to pick up your camera and start taking shots.

Every corner is a magical experience; the scenery around you is breath-taking, as you walk up the main garden steps surrounded by statues, when you reach the top of the steps there is another entrance into a walled garden, the sent from the roses was intoxicating and the views over Florence were stunning.

The photo of this incredible Tuscany Villa was taken from this area, it just looked so wonderful in the sunlight, I felt I had to capture the moment.

The sunlight was directly above me so as always I had my trusted x100s set to manual as I wanted to balance out the shadows detail and ensure I captured all the detail. I tend to keep the camera set to Jpeg when I’m photographing for myself and this little camera never disappoints me.

This image was taken at F.10 1/60 ISO 100 I chose F10 to ensure I captured everything in focus, I do tend to use the Hyper focal style when taking Landscape Photography; you can check out this fabulous review here if this is a new term to you –

I get so enthralled with my work, isn’t it exceptional all you Photography crazy people to capture the life in front of your eyes!

Keep snapping