Street Photography in and around Somerset.

I personally have always been drawn to images; I think capturing an image onto film and now the electronic sensor in the camera and then onto the card is incredible.

There is something still magical about viewing the photography just taken and being able to preview the shot that was in front of your eyes.

Landscape Photography in Somerset is the perfect place to experiment with settings on the cameras to capture the depth within the cameras dynamic range, it’s still not as clever as our eyesight however its getting pretty close and of course we can now set the range of this dependent on the shot.

Have you tried street photography? This can also be great fun, I like to set the camera to provide me with as much detail as possible by setting something like f8, this helps keeping most of the photograph sharp as you need to be very quick and unobtrusive at times, which may tend to mean focusing may not be as tight as id wish however the deeper depth of field compensates.

Walking around Bath is perfect for this type of Photography, street markets; lots of street entertainment and of course one of the biggest tourist attractions local to us just on the Somerset boarder.

One of our favorite places to visit is Italy, if you haven’t visited this incredible place, I can’t recommend it enough, the art is to die for, the little towns and views are outstanding and of course the food and wine is just the finishing touch.

We love to sit in one of the many coffee houses, in the Italian sunshine and people watch or stroll around the streets, coming upon the most amazing history which suddenly appears around the corner. You can check out some of our personal photos of some of our trips in Google+

The gardens around Pizza are incredible; the image was taken with this article was taken in one of the back streets in Florence.

This dear lady was just spending a few minutes watching the people below, I was fascinated with her, just wondering what her life had been like, what had she experienced and what was she thinking; its photo opportunities that I love to take, these types of photos can bring back so many memories.

Take your camera with you wherever you go, grab those photos that your feel drawn to, set your camera to manual and then you are always ready to snap the photograph.

Go on switch to Manual camera settings.