Enhance your Photography, get inspired feel passionate

Photography is about passion, whether this is portrait, wedding photography , landscape photography or interior design, it’s all about the strong connection that the photographer feels whist taking the photograph.

I know I have mentioned this so many times through my blogs and pages on this and other sites, however I continue to be amazed and at the same time disappointed with the amount of Photographers that have either lost their passion for producing great images or have decided that becoming a photographers maybe the way to make a few extra pennies outside of their normal profession.

Just the other day I was looking at a local Photographer in Somerset, that has just began offering wedding photography in the Somerset area and I was keen to view some of his latest work on his website.

The model was very attractive, her hair and makeup was perfect and she looked beautiful in the hired wedding gown, the location was lovely, she was stood in front of a water fountain at a very posh stately home in Somerset, everything you would think you require in order to capture that wow factor, right? Wrong!

It absolutely fascinates me that something so artistically perfect can just look so boring if there is no passion behind the photographer taking the photo.

Look at the scene, be enthralled by what you see, allow all your emotions bridge the gap between you and the image you are viewing and when you think, that’s incredible, then take the shot, If you feel no passion, somehow this will be the same as the finished image.

I remember being stood right next to a chap years ago at a wedding we were invited too, and yes we do get to attend wedding’s as guests now and again, anyway, the Bride entered the reception area to view before the guests were being seated and she stood against the doorway, playing around, she pulled a very alluring pose, my initial reaction was, I wish I’d had my camera with me but at this time, I was ordered by the couple not to bring my camera as I was a guest! Anyway the chap took the photo and then went on to show me the image on the DSLRs preview screen; well, I tell you truthfully, I was shocked, because I couldn’t believe it was the same image I had seen just seconds earlier, how on earth did he get capture such an awful, unattractive and uninspiring photo!

This lovely image was taken of my wife Tracy, on a fabulous evening just the other night, in a lovely sunset, not far from us in somerset, I would have liked it to be slightly warmer light to really enhance the photo.

It beggars belief and further gave proof to me that, it’s not just what you see, it’s what you feel!

You must get inspired firstly, and then take the photo!