Group Photo at Old Down Manor

Natural looking Groups

Group photos used to be quite a formal type of photography with the Bride being positioned to the left of the groom, this was based on history where the Groom would have his right hand free in order for him to have his sword hand free to protect the Bride.

I can still remember attending weddings where the photographer would arrange the groups in a specific order so that the Bride and Groom were positioned as above and then the Grandparents would be at one side and the parents would be on the other side; symmetrically positioned for the photo and even now a days some of the elderly within the group will ask what position should they be in and where should they stand however I prefer to stand back and allow the guests to position themselves naturally first and foremost and quite often the natural poses look the fabulous, I then make slight adjustments by perhaps bringing the Grandparents forward etc etc. this way I find I have the emotion and natural feeling captured.

I'm not the a fan of formalities; I want emotion, Iā€™m also asked when I take photos of the Bride and Groom should they put their champagne glasses down  however on your wedding day is it not natural that the Bride and Groom, celebrating their wedding day would possibly have a glass of champagne in hand? naturally if this does take something away from a specific pose or this is something the couple would prefer not to have in a picture, then that's how I take the photograph but if in that millisecond, taking the image, capturing something special, it's part of the history the emotion behind the photo, I'll take the photo to capture that rather than stage the photograph.

Photographing the weddings is all about your day and the memories not because the photographer wants to stage the shot in a specific way that's not the way we work. I quite often do what I call mix and match for the group photos maybe a Bridesmaid has a partner who is an Usher or perhaps the Best Man's partner is the Maid of Honor, rather than place all the Bridesmaids together in one position, I may decide to put the couples together also if the image looks great with the Bride and Groom behind or to the left of the group, if this works looks fabulous, then again I'll take the photo.

I want to photograph your wedding to provide you with incredible images and to ensure you and all your Family; Guests are relaxed to truly enjoy the magic of your wedding.

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