St Audries Park Somerset Wedding

Photograph those everyday little things, they mean so much! 

The wedding I photographed at the weekend was a beautiful event; it was quite an early start for us as the ceremony was due to begin at 12:00 which is quite early, If I was asked by my clients what time would I suggest for the Ceremony, I would personally recommend 14:00pm this does seem to help everything move smoothly along, you can find that an early wedding does tend to create a tad too much time between the Ceremony and sitting down for the wedding breakfast, all the guests are ravenous by the time you sit down to begin however if you bring the wedding breakfast forward this can then have the opposite effect where you have too much time before the evening events begin;  however I digress!

When we were saying our goodbyes to the lovely couple, the Bride did say how quickly the day had disappeared and how she was so pleased that the wedding was captured with our photography due to the fact that the day seemed to wiz and the days events already seemed to be a while ago!

This got me thinking, it’s amazing how time flies when you look back at some of the historic events that have happened over the last few years, they seem as if they happened last year, I have added just a few below.

 In 2000 we celebrated the millennium, Vladimir Putin was elected president of Russia the Euro 2000 was hosted by Belgium and can you believe it our personal home computers break the 1GHz barrier Sydney hosted the Olympic Games.

In 2001 Wikipedia was launched and yet to me it seems to have always been online, George Bush became the 43rd president and of the Apple launched the iPod, 2002 the Euro entered circulation, and our friends Apple brings out the iMac G4.

I then began looking through my archive of some of my favourite weddings; the image attached to this article was a stunning wedding we photographed for the lovely Lindsey & Jon at the magnificent St Audries Park Somerset on the 18th May 2012 and yet it seems like only last year.

It’s so important to document your wedding through photographs and also video, I have hundreds of photographs of my Family growing up and Video of holidays “as you can probably imagine” but it’s so important that we have these, they bring back so many fabulous memories, with all the incredible detail that couples bring together for their special day, to then not ensure these are captured via your wedding photographer would be crazy.

Time flies so it’s vital you book a Professional wedding photographer to capture these memories for you.