Samyang 12mm f.2 X mount Fuji lens - test 2

Well I did say I would let you all know about my experience using the samyung 12mm lens for the next test on my day out, street photography.

I Must have been mad however I decided to hit the Christmas market in the city of Bath and as our next wedding was on the Sunday we had all day Saturday to meet the crowds of Bath full on!

My first trial was setting the lens to infinity and the f-stop to f5.6, you can read about this here

Well Saturday I decided to go with f.8 ISO 800 and let the camera choose the shutter speed which from what I can see didn't drop below 1/180 which is fine in order to capture the majority of street photography exposures.

I literally had my Fuji EX2 hanging around my neck and Tracy and myself just faught our way through the crowds. I wasn't focusing on capturing anything in particular or mind blowing, this shoot was just to see what this little lens can produce and how sharp the exposures are just hitting the shutter button at everything and anything because if you take a look at my previous blog with regards to this lens, the reason for getting my hands on this lens is to grab reportage shots at a wedding, no brainer, just run, turn and grab those whacky photo's as the fuji can be slow to focus at times in fast paced photography.

So how did it perform at these setting's? Absolutely fantastic, remember none of the photos I've added here were set, I wasn't even looking through the viewfinder, just firing (FTH) and angling the camera toward the subject.

I took roughly 186 exposures and every single image was sharp, perfect, simple and great fun, I've also added a landscape image that I snapped in Sydney Garden's, no messing about just saw the scene and snapped this shot, I didn't even check the exposures until arriving home and I'm pretty impressed.

Take a look please at the images and make the decision for yourself but I think you'd be very pleased if you're after a nice wide angle lens, just one more point, distance from subject at f8 is about a meter to ensure you have enough depth of field of front focus distance! - lots of tips on photography and wedding information.