Travel photography York

There are so many fabulous places in this world for the keen travel photographer, I must admit I love discovering new locations to enjoy and naturally document with my trusted x100s built by those guys at Fuji.

As many of my readers know, Italy is one of my favourite locations, incredible art work and stunning views, Tuscany is the place to capture moments through the lens, the colours and those famous Italian trees (Cupresses assempervirens) as seen in many of the paintings and of course we can all picture that scene in the film Gladiator, oh such beauty, I do love Italy and the food, well say more.

A few years ago we photographed a wedding just outside the gorgeous city of York, the venue was the magnificent Royal York Hotel, wonderful venue, fantastic staff and a dream come true for me as the official wedding photographer, I fell in love with this venue and can't wait to shoot another wedding at this stunning location. We do photograph weddings through out the UK and have photographed many in foreign climates however I must say our favorite area is the wonderful south-west because of the many incredible venues that are just on our doorstep here in Somerset.

Whilst we were staying in York we had some time to venture out into the city and check-out this fabulous City and the history it had to offer. We decided that we would definitely be back to check out the many fabulous restaurants but more importantly to be embroiled as it were into the heart and of course document our trip with photography.

Well the opportunity to visit York at last came to us, we had a break from our wedding service over the this Halloween weekend and this was just perfect as we always fancied taking part in the famous ghost tour and maybe even capturing a spook on film.

One of the unique beauties of this wonderful City of York, is the famous Shambles, its been recognized and awarded the title of the most picturesque street in Britain in the Google Street View Awards. This has a certain irony as during the medieval period there were no sanitary facilities and so guts, offal, and blood were thrown in o a channel running down the middle of the street. This has now lead to any scene of total disorganization and mess being now referred to as, "a shambles". This little street is fantastic if you love taking unusual photos of buildings, it takes you back through the centuries, over hanging buildings, you can take some interesting images adding mood to the viewer.

Five Snickelways often mis-spelt as Snickleways join the Shambles. These are small medieval paths or lanes between building. They often have quirky names too. Three of them are called Mad Alice Lane, Hornpot Lane Nether and Finkle Street (formerly Mucky Peg Lane). Pope's Head Alley is only aft Tins wide!

However Today it is a fabulous place to stroll on a day out with a wealth of interesting shops cafes and restaurants to visit.

Unfortunately we didn't manage to take the famous ghost walk because strange but true, I think the whole population of York were out queuing for the evening event!

There are so many stunning locations for photography, its a photographers dream, this image was taken on our first evening, using long exposure and balancing my trusted ex2 on the bridge I managed to capture the beginning of the nights events.

There are nine bridges across the River Ouse within the city of York the photograph attached to this article was taken on one of these bridges using long exposure to capture the lighting and ambience of the City.

York is well worth the visit and I'm sure we shall be returning in the near future, whether this is to photograph a wedding or to enjoy a relaxing few days in this wonderful City.

The York Minster is absolutely massive; The Duke of Kent married Miss Katharine Worsley in 1961 at this incredible Cathedral, the massive stained glass windows allows for the natural light to stream in producing fabulous light for those wedding photos we all love to take. The tour is well worth the time, taking you into the very depths of this incredible Church, where you can view the hidden history attached to this cathedral.

I think I shall start to detail more of my journeys around our beautiful country and provide some of my photography tips as I write.