Detail in photograph's

When viewing a landscape scene or stunning interior, isn't it fabulous looking at the colours and detail? I personally love viewing beautiful landscapes, we are so blessed here in Somerset, the landscape is superb for taking walks and especially if you have your camera to hand.

Literally just outside our front door is beautiful green belt land, rolling hills and we see some of the most incredible sunsets, stunning red skies.

The pleasure when taking photograph's of this nature is one of my favorite style of photography, viewing the exposure after importing the image on the apple Mac and then making those minor adjustments to the file.

I have just recently bought the fuji XF 16mm RWR f1.4 lens, I didn't purchase this beauty just for landscapes but also for my wedding photography however it's phenomenal for landscapes, its unbelievably sharp, the optics are simply stunning, it feel's well balanced on my XT1 and its fully weather sealed, happy day's.

I can tell you now, if you, like myself, love sharp images then this lens is for you, I absolutely love it. We recently had a few days in London and we visited the Wallace Museum, I was in my element, the room's were incredible and this provided me with the perfect opportunity to try out my new lens on the fabulous interiors. OMG! The quality is exceptional, second to none, low light isn't a problem for this Prime lens with its f1.4 aperture, the bokeh is magic. It's sharp edge to edge and distortion is non existent.

Just to provide a little more info, I used the lens at my last wedding, I didn't take the f stop off of f1.4 the whole day, group photo's and artistically creative photo's were a dream with the lens, photography in the church was outstanding, the details captured blew me away!

Im now going to keep this lens permanently on my silver XT1 and my 85mm on my black XT1, the combination (for me) is perfect for my wedding photography, I'm looking forward to hearing about the next Fuji releases, more money, well spent.

So, if you love sharp I image's, whether this is for your landscapes or wedding photography, take it from me, save up and get yourself this fabulous Len's and enjoy the perfect image's you'll capture. - for more of my thought's, tips and information