What's your next photography assignment?

Yep, I know, when you are so passionate about your profession, whether this is photography, cooking, painting or any number of artistic passion's, it can get very frustrating trying to think of a new approach to your skill.

It's incredible how the desire to produce perfection or come up with a new idea can make you feel as if your missing something, its kind of the same empty feeling that you feel when you've left home for that well deserved holiday but you have that nagging feeing that you've either left something important behind or you didn't turn the TV off!

As a wedding photography professional, photography also being my hobby/passion, you would think that surly this photography wedding profession provides me with ample opportunities to fulfil that longing?

Well, I'm completely with you, I still can't get enough, I suppose this has always been part of my personality, I was in a rock band many years ago and we were very well known by the record companies but I had that same nagging feeling, always wanting to be the best.

The week before every wedding photography shoot finds me thinking about the wedding, thinking about the Bride and Groom, the venue, the weather and all those details, I want the best, I need to be the best, I'm going to create fabulous memories for my client's and yes I know your thinking but "you've been photographing wedding's for year's, surly you can provide your wedding service with your eyes closed" I could but I'm going to provide perfection for my wedding clients!

Well, there is good news out there! Every artistically driven person feels the same, the thing we have to be aware of is how to look on the positive side.

1) We will always, no matter what challenges we face, do our utmost to out perform others.

2) Because we are never satisfied with our work, we will continue to learn and Continue to improve.

3) Our work will outshine, it will always be the very best we can create.

I'm not someone who believes in the star sign's however, I'm a Virgo and looking at this star sign seams to show this type of personally! So are you a Virgo, hey, then just maybe there is something in it!

I thought I would do some research on this strange phenomena, below you can view the many artistic people who were never satisfied and were hungry for perfection, I do hope you find it interesting.

"Being satisfied and feeling like you can do better are not mutually exclusive"

Confucius says " if you work hard and do your best, you will succeed "

And a very famous quote " if you are satisfied with your work, you may as well quit"

And finally " celebrate being dissatisfied and drink to that"

Let's get out there and search out those opportunities to excel, whether it's as a wedding photographer like my self or an artist or chef, just be chuffed with yourself, Pat yourself on the back and realize that we are great at what we do.

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