All year round wedding's

Life has changed with regards to the popular summer wedding, when I started in the wedding business 20 years ago, bookings would flood in through the summer months from June, July, August and September bookings would go crazy with couples wanting to secure their special wedding date.

Yes, the summer months are still madly busy however it helps when you can step back just a tax and see your wedding bookings for the year, nicely and neatly spread throughout the year.

I can remember the frustration with having to tell clients that their date was no longer available, I have always felt sad when I have had to let a couple down however I will only photograph one wedding in a day and never two wedding's in a weekend, I do know several photographers that will continue to book wedding's and then send another photographer on the day, sorry but I think that's s awful, a client books the photographer and expects that photographer to attend on the day!

The latest trend to hit the photographic wedding market, are the large wedding photography team's, yep every man, woman and dog is now joining the photographic wedding business, unfortunately the wedding industry has become like a factory, their soul intention is money, no thought with regards to the individuality of the client.

I remember viewing just one of these teams at a wedding, the photographer had a printed list, detailing the specific images he had to take, you know! The rings, Groom checking his watch etc. Simply horrific, photography by number's.

Well we now see clients booking their wedding any day of the week and every single month of the year.

I receive bookings from January through to December, I've photographed weddings even on new years eve!

I must admit I love this, 1) because I vary rarely have to turn down a Bride for her wedding photography. 2) I'm no longer absolutely shattered through the summer months and 3) the different months, seasons create different challenges to keep me focused but more importantly provide a wealth of variant lighting scenario, for instance Autumn, beautiful orange glowing sun and winter wedding's are absolutely wonderful, even more so if it snow's.

So enjoy the wedding season! Get out there and take those stunning wedding photos and don't ever get mixed up with a wedding factory team! - for more tips and tricks