Firework Photography In Somerset

July 5, 2015

Firework Photography In Somerset

Photographing Fireworks

Photographs of fireworks is great fun however it’s quite challenging they can look absolutely stunning if the exposure is captured correctly, fireworks over impressive landmarks and buildings and Lakes are particularly photogenic, it’s becoming more and more popular when ending the wedding for the guests and the Bride and Groom a firework display is often the perfect Close to the day’s events before the party really gets going.

Photographing a wedding firework display as with so many successful photographs requires planning; its essential to ensure success, this is when I always like to check out the area to view where the photographs will be taken, I can also think carefully with regards to the position of the display we’re the guests will stand and the best position to capture the bride and groom watching the display.

Great way to capture just fireworks is multiple exposures where you absolutely need to have the camera set on a tripod.

Photographing the Bride and Groom whilst watching the fireworks display requires the camera to be set to full manual ISO roughly 400 aperture setting f5.6 – f8 and the shutter speed dependent on the lighting set to Bulb in order to capture the fireworks exploding and the Bride and Groom in position.

Something that is absolutely essential is to set your focus to manual and pull back just slightly offer full focal length to ensure that is much as possible is in Focus.

Bring the Bride and Groom out before the fireworks display begins, show them exactly where you would like them to stand and watch the display, when the display begins you may find you have to tweak the position of the camera and settings or tilt the head of the Tripod in order to photograph the Bride and Groom and the fireworks as they display in the sky.

Small adjustments are always necessary and essential during the display however if you prepared you will take some superb photographs capturing the event.

The image taken with this Blog were taken at a stunning Wedding in Somerset at the lovely Homewood Park just outside Bath, I had many images of this display however this was my favourite.

This link also has some superb tips with regards Firework Photography but as always, practice makes for perfect Photographs.

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