Exposure for Light Photography tips

July 13, 2015

Exposure for Light Photography tips

Exposure & Light:

I have mentioned many times in my blog posts the importance of exploring light, I still fine now when I go for walks around the Somerset countryside that I find myself looking for areas of different light, one of the best exercises I know can be tried near your home.

We live in a lovely part of the English countryside local to Bath but on the Somerset border however in doesn’t matter where you live, whether you live in the country or the city in a house or apartments, when you go for walks,  select any subject for example the houses the trees that line your streets a skyline if you live in the country on the beach,  maybe choose an expanse for your  composition, If you want to get really technical you could even document the changing Seasons and the angles of light and how it changes through the year,  maybe as a challenge take several shots through the months use the same area and watch how the light changes.

As this is a bit of fun don’t be too hard on yourself with making that outstanding composition this is to help you start to focus on light.

Photographers who use and exploit light are not gifted they have simply learnt about light and have become motivated to put themselves in the position to receive the gifts that the right light has to offer.

Another simple exercise is to place an object in front of a window, maybe just on a desk and see how many different exposures you can take, if you really want to take on board this challenge, try using an egg and see how the light reflects differently as you move around the composition.

When I’m providing my services at a wedding, I move around the subjects, looking at the light, seeing how this affects the shot, this is paramount for the Bride Photographs as you want to select the most photogenic lighting to remove any harsh shadows, naturally dependent on the way you feel the Image should be captured artistically, for the Groom and ushers, I may wish to produce a more dramatic image, it’s all down to your artistic flare and what you want to produce.

If I want to take some photographs indoors at a wedding, I will enter a room and close my eyes slightly which helps me find the shadow areas, areas of interest for the wedding photography.

I have also mentioned about Ansell Adams many times through Posts and the Zone system, this will be my next Blog on how you can challenge yourself when out but we can speak about this next time.

This photograph was taken at Saint Galgano Abbey in Chiusdino, in Tuscany, when I walked into the room, the first thing that struck me was the incredible light streaming through the window, producing the incredible dark areas within the room, when I slightly closed my eyes, this is what I saw and wanted to capture to the cameras sensor.

Go take the challenge and learn to look for the light. 

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