Natural Wedding Photography in Somerset

July 10, 2015

Natural Wedding Photography in Somerset

Natural Wedding photography Somerset

The wedding we were Photographing the weekend in Somerset, was wonderful, I overheard one of the guest saying during the Group Photos, “how come he only takes one maybe two photos, I thought Photographers fire away with multiple clicks”? This made me smile because yes that’s exactly how many Photographers work, set the camera to the fastest frame rate possible and let that shutter click away, keeping their fingers crossed that at least one of the images will be the one they want, “maybe a little pedantic” on my part however that’s not how I work; I wait for the moment and capture the image, I look for the contact to capture the moments, this is why Manual Photography is the way to go, I’m very quick with the settings and anticipating the moment!

Just take a look at the photo with this blog this photograph was taken in Somerset on a beautiful evening with a couple that were truly in love, the lighting was perfect their smiles were real and the contact between this newly wedded couple was magical, the colours were gorgeous and the Bride and Groom were lovely people, I just asked them to stand by this gate with the evening sun and watch them, they chatted and I took the photographs. This is My Passion I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful to see a scene like this in front of your eyes and capture this with photography, why alter this image using filters and software, something that is perfect beautifully exposed, and has captured the magic and love at this moment that’s art that’s passion, that’s photography.

This is the magic of Photography; capturing real life, real emotions and real happiness on your wedding day.

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