Photography and The Golden Hour

June 24, 2015

Photography and The Golden Hour

Summer has kind of arrived, we have seen some stunning sunsets in Somerset so far this year, where the light is truly beautiful (The Golden Hour) and you cannot fail but stand and stare and want to capture the scene with photography.

I love to take a walk through the country side later in the evening when the sun is low in the sky; the quiet country side lets me relax and especially takes me away from the workstation, where I do tend to become so involved with editing images and doing research on my favourite topic….Photography.

I thought I would put together a small blog on what I take with me and how I personally like to setup my cameras in order to capture these magnificent Golden Glow evenings.

My favourite camera for my walk about is my faithful l x100s, it’s so small, I’m not carrying lots of different lenses and camera equipment, so no feeling dragged down with heavy camera bags etc.
I do take a small tripod with me, as I do like to keep the ISO as low as possible to provide me with crystal clear images free.

The image attached to this blog was taken with the Fuji x100s on the tripod; ISO was 400 – F16 and a slower shutter speed of 1\80 hence the need for a tripod, as hand held although easy with the x100s I didn’t want to risk any camera movement.

Take the next challenge.

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