Why do we have Flower Displays at Wedding’s?

June 2, 2015

Why do we have Flower Displays at Wedding’s?

Why do we have Flower Displays at Wedding’s?

We were blessed to be the official wedding photographers in the stunning city of bath yesterday, the floral displays were absolutely amazing, and this got me thinking as to why we have flowers at weddings?

Herbs were used in weddings celebrations many years ago in fact the first to use herbs at wedding occasions were apparently the Greeks, this was a way of wishing everyone good luck. Special flowers and some plants were used and then a special garland was made for the bride to be and a small bouquet was made for her to carry. Bridesmaids would put poesies together which symbolized thanks.

Also when herbs where being used at weddings, a beautiful kissing loop or knot was made with different herbs such as rosemary and then later roses which were tied together. The kissing knot as it came to be known was then suspended over the Bride and later in the celebrations placed on the table where the wedding party would be seated.

As always all these events were a way of offering best wishes to the wedding party and of course the Bride and Groom.

The cost of flower displays can range from a few pounds into the thousands; we have photographed weddings where the floral displays have been unbelievable; we photographed a wedding in Bath where the table displays were so large the guests had trouble seeing each other across the table.

However you do not have to spend extortionate money for wonderful displays, not at all, We photographed a wedding three years ago in Somerset and I shall always remember, the wedding reception was held for 25 guests at the parents a lovely county house, white table cloths were used to cover the old wooden tables, this was just outside bath and the floral displays were wild flowers that the family and friends had collected together from the local area, it looked truly magical and meant so much to the Bride and Groom, fabulous wedding, very emotional, wonderful to photograph and be a part of.

Just remember; double check that the flowers and herbs you collect together for your wedding celebration are not at risk, poisonous and make sure you also check that the flowers you are picking are in a wild location and not on council or otherwise protected land, then all will be happy and maybe give you a little extra to spend on your honeymoon.

Have a terrific wedding

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