Samyang 12mm Fuji X mount lens

December 3, 2015

Samyang 12mm Fuji X mount lens

Samyang 12mm Fuji X Mount manual focus lens.

As all my blogger’s know I’m a converted Fuji wedding photographer, these cameras are superb I’ve spoken about the size and weight of these stunning camera’s, I have to admit I now own the Fuji XT1, EX2 and the fabulous X100t they are such fun to use with their retro style, I find that at the majority of weddings the guests ask me what cameras am I using. We all know cameras can find focusing In low light a challenge and I’m sure you have read articles about the (sometimes) slow to focus system on the fuji cameras and I must admit that sometimes this can mean I missed the odd shot that I wanted to capture in a millisecond which can be frustrating to me as a reportage wedding photographer where its all about the moment! I love to unobtrusively move amongst the guest at a wedding anticipating the next shot, also having to set the lens to manual focus in very low light can be a bit of a challenge because unfortunately there are no distance marks on the lens, yes before anyone says “there are distance scales In the EVF viewfinder however as an old school photographer, I do prefer to set focus from the lens scale!

Well as you know I have recently mentioned my latest lens (Samyang f.2 12mm lens) I’m not going to go into all the details of the lens but lets just say “I love the feel of this lens and how it looks, its superbly balanced and looks great on my Fuji EX2.

Yesterday I had some time to spare and wanted to give this lens a good test, as i’ve already mentioned this isn’t going to be a technical blog it’s just my first impressions and I’ll add an image from yesterday’s photoshoot at Lacock in somerset, the image i’ve attached was taken shooting (FTH) I just fired away as the couple with their dog approached, not bad me thinks! The weather wasn’t too bad, overcast with the odd splash of sunshine, great cloud formations which we all know look great in photo’s, it was pretty good lighting to try out the Samyang lens.

The reason I bought the lens is because I wanted a quick fire lens to capture those reportage moments, as previously mentioned sometimes I’ve missed a shot where the Fuji didn’t quite nail it however we all know that even the best camera’s miss the focus at times, even when I owned my Canon 5D mk111, I found it missing the odd shot now and again!

The Samyang lens is fully manual it gives no information to the Fuji whatsoever, when editing it doesn’t tell you which aperture was used but for me personally that isn’t an issue. With yesterday’s trial I set the Samyang to infinity on the focus dial and the aperture at f5.6 and just fired away just shooting anything and everything (from the hip) Well, I have to say the images are superb incredibly Sharp images I love the contrast and the colors are fantastic. I wanted to test the lens wide open at f2, I set the focus to Infinity however after several shots I realised that the focus has to be set just before the infinity mark, then it produces sharp, stunning images. I’m going to do some more tests with this lens over the coming weeks but so far I’m well impressed, pretty confident I can run around just firing off shots with this lens and capture those reportage images. Great for reportage wedding photography and of course street photography however night images and landscape will also be stunning.

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