Fabulous Profession

November 30, 2015

Fabulous Profession

Fabulous profession.

I’m so blessed and kind of lucky; how many people are lucky enough to have their hobby as their job? From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always owned a camera, when I was about 9 yrs of age, my parents would visit Swindon (most weekend’s) for their shopping trip and I had to go along but I can remember clearly one particular shopping day when I spotted a small secondhand camera for sale, it was Honeywell-Pentax-Spotmatic, I wanted that camera and for weeks saved every penny I could get my hands on in order to take home that Pentax. My Dad had put a deposit down for me so the shop kept it safe until I had enough money to get hold of that camera.

I can still remember clearly, the shop and the weekend trips and the excitement when I made the full payment, I seem to remember it costing me about £23.00, funny how things become fixed in the memory!

Well, I was hooked, I loved how I could take a picture and then see that picture printed out and displayed on my bedroom wall, every penny I earned (as pocket money) went on film and processing, my bedroom wall became a montage of photo’s, everything from my dog (whiskey) to flower’s, landscapes and family. I spent hours reading what ever books I could get my hands on to learn the basics at this stage in my photography life, I can’t remember the exact number of time’s the printers would hand me an envelope with only 1 photo out of a 12 exposure roll of film but it was a great experience and put me league’s a head, when I eventually started media at university.

That buzz, that excitement, that enthusiasm is still as real to me now as then, the thrill of capturing a scene, a person a landscape or beautiful interior or work of art!

Being a Wedding photographer cover’s just about every aspect with regards to my passion for photography, The venue (interior/landscape) the Bride and Groom photo’s (emotion) family and guest’s (real life) and much much more, its my passion not just my hobby in life.

This lovely photo was taken at Kim and Steve’s wedding at a venue called Orchardleigh, just outside the estate is a beautiful All Saints church (Lullington) Kim and Steve’s gorgeous little daughter was in the arms of one of Kim’s Bridesmaids, such a lovely moment with the emotion, I always feel a connection when taking a photo and I know for a fact this impact’s on the image, just as a passionate chefs food is taken to the next level when they are passionate about a new recipe, the food is enhanced through this passion.

If you book thefxworks to photograph your wedding; we promise you will be thrilled with the memories we capture for you, real wedding’s, real moments, real reportage photography.

Hope you love this photo as much as me, for more blogs, photos, information and tips check out the rest of my site – www.thefxworks.co.uk

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