Flash Photography

October 19, 2015

Flash Photography

 Flash Photography

You can do some pretty amazing things when you get to grips with your Flash Photography, obviously that little blast of light is fantastic at adding a touch a fill when taking photos outside where the light may just add that extra lift to portraits especially under the eyes where you could have shadows, its a must for wedding images, photographing in all types of lighting.

If you are taking a photo where the backlight is very harsh and you want to capture the subject perfectly however you don’t wish to crop the image but wish to have the full shot, you will find that you possibly need to punch up the flash, this could be due to the Aperture you have set because if you have done your research, Aperture effects the flash power but also to pop the subject in the image, you will probably find that increasing the flash by 2 stops will provide the effect you want to achieve. Whilst photographing weddings in this wonderful location of somerset, flash is a brilliant little tool to add to your wedding photography skills!

Its fabulous to use when you wish to freeze action, if you are taking an image in bright sunshine, you will probably find that using an N/D filter will help you use a smaller F-stop which will allow he flash more power for the image.

Flash is a fabulous tool to use when capturing the first dance at a wedding or photographing the guests dancing, for that really whacky shot, use rear curtain flash which will let the background blur whist the flash freezes the motion of what you have focused on, it provides a superb effect with sparklers etc. although its not really my thing, the images you see where the Bride and Groom are waving fireworks, sorry! As you all know, I prefer to take natural photographs at a wedding, capturing the atmosphere at a wedding, for me its all about photographing wants happening, not interfering, being unobtrusive allows me to take those images that are real!

There are some really crazy things you can try with flash, if you place a Neutral density filter on the lens and set a high F-stop, you can reduce the ambient light and then punch the subject with flash, in the light of day you can make the photo look as if it was taken at night.

Many wedding photographers fear taking photos in harsh sunlight however another little tip that you can use on certain images is too stop down the lens or increasing shutter speed to reduce ambient light and then use manual flash to take over the image, I have taken photos in harsh sunlight using this effect, the image attached to this blog is one such image, the sun was very harsh as it was taken on a summers day here in somerset, her dress is still perfectly exposed, no blown out areas, even skin tones are pretty good, this is the sort of things you can practice, see what you can produce when using your Flash gun. Learn to use this fabulous tip when photographing a wedding it really helps your Bride to pop out of the image.

What i’m trying to say is “Flash Photography isn’t scary” get out there and have some fun, you wont break the camera, practice some of these crazy ideas and let me know if you find any other ideas on how to use your flash Gun.

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