Capturing Life through reportage Photography

November 17, 2015

Capturing Life through reportage Photography

Capturing life as it happens with reportage Photographing

Being a reportage photographer is fabulous, its not just my profession its part of my everyday life. Street photography is a great way to photograph people going about their every day life. We recently had a wedding in London and had the opportunity to spend a few extra days in that multicultural city, enjoying the hustle and bustle, its crazy but people don’t seam to walk or stroll in London everyone looks like their on a mission, running down escalators, phones and iPads in hand, making appointments, setting up deals to make more money, very different to our somewhat slow pace of life here in the southwest, even while visiting the beautiful roman city of Bath, there doesn’t appear to be this crazy way of life.

Photographing real life, real personalities, real people is fantastic, looking for those unusual scene’s, scenarios as they unfold in front on the lens.

I was in Bath recently and snapped a shot of a street guy feeding the pigeons, he had so much life in his eyes as these bird’s sat on and all around him waiting for their food. It made a great image especially when processed in Fuji B/W with the red filter.

Street photography in London was quite a challenge, due to the speed of the individual’s and of course it’s vital you never cause offense. The underground was an experience and I took some great photo’s of this strange, alien like location (for me anyway, being Somerset born) beneath the vast city street’s.

I love using the black and white filters for these type of image’s, I usually set my fuji x100t camera for jpeg (OOC) when shooting street photography, I find it quicker, I also switch of the preview mode then I can fire away ensuring I snap the image instantly. I quite often set the focus to roughly 30ft and set an f-stop of f/8 which gives me plenty of scope with regards to depth of field.

Reportage wedding photography is where I really feel I’m in my element, I absolutely love looking for those magical moment’s that appear in front of the lens, or those moment’s that I’m always on the look out for, the Bride hugging her Mother or Father, the little child with his or her Grandparents, as a wedding photographer, its imperative that I speak out these image’s, because after all, that’s was reportage photography is all about, its not just snap shot’s, its photography at its highest level.

The thing that we have to realize when capturing moment’s like these, the most important attribute, purpose is to capture the mood, the emotional, the feeling’s, yep, sometimes, perfection isn’t always possible, remember its the life and how this impact’s on the viewers.

This lovely photo attached to this blog, was taken just recently at a wedding here in Somerset, the beautiful little flower girl ran forward and cuddled the little pageboy, it’s at moment’s like this, that the image say’s more than word’s could ever say!

I’d love to see some of your street or reportage photo’s and if you haven’t taken up this type of photography, have a go, you may find you love it too! – tips and thought’s.

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