Only as good as your last photograph

November 10, 2015

Only as good as your last photograph

Only as good as your last photo

Ansel Adams once said, “if you take 10,0000 photographs in a year and get just one image that you love, then you’re doing quite well” do you ever feel like this.

Every wedding I attend as the official wedding photographer is to me the start of my photography skills, I look at every wedding as a completely new assignment, every wedding is completely individual as the Bride and Groom, yes the format maybe the same but never the photos I intend to take and the memories I’m going to record, weddings are one off events!

The venue, lighting, décor, wedding guest’s and of course the wedding couple, every couple have their own individual personalities, some love nothing more than fooling around in front of the lens whilst others have a dislike to having their photo taken.

You have to be aware of this, its paramount that you don’t have pre- contrived ideas, its not about your style, its about the couple and their wishes.

So why are you only as good as your last photo?

Keeping this thought in your mind will help you to maintain your skills and help you continue to improve, photographing a wedding, a couples special day is one of the most privileged opportunities, they have chosen you to document this special day, its a massive responsibility, so if your not willing to accept the challenge then you shouldn’t be a wedding photographer!

This weekend we had two wedding’s to photograph and video, the first was at Coombe Lodge in Somerset and the second was at the beautiful Orchardleigh House just outside Bath on the Somerset border. Even if we just look at the weather for these two wedding’s, the Friday wedding at Coombe Lodge, overcast and showers, Orchardleigh’s wedding on the Saturday, wet, cold and very cloudy, this is why I feel you can never attend a wedding having pre conceived ideas as to what images I’m going to capture and I’m not speaking about the format of the images but how, where and when!

Ive never been a big fan of checking out a venue before the day because you may check out location’s for your photo’s however on the day of the wedding, lighting, foliage could possibly be different, we always arrive well in advance, providing us ample time to have a look around the venue but we love to walk with the newly married couple and seeking out those little gem location’s, it is a magical experience and ensures I never have those pre-conceived idea’s.

The wedding for Kim and Steven at Orchardleigh House on Sunday was very wet, when we came out of the church at Lullington, the heavens opened, if I had set my sights on taking photo’s at the church, I could have been photographically challenged and this thought process will eventually throw you off guard!

Some photographer’s may have desperately tried to sort something out but I very calmly took control and kindly suggested to Kim that we head straight back to the venue, we captured some superb images of the Bride and Groom, wedding guest’s making their way down the path, brollies in hand.

We captured some wonderful natural reportage photo’s of the Bride and Groom on arriving at Orchardleigh House and then gave Kim and Steven plenty of time to enjoy their champagne and creating their wedding guest’s. Unfortunately because the weather was so wet we took Kim and Stevens romantic wedding photos around the house, the stairs make for a perfect spot for image’s, the Beneta Suit is lovely, the group photos were taken on the stairs and landing, we took the chaise longue out of the wedding suit and this made a beautiful focal point in order to position the family and friends for the group photo’s.

The main group photo was a challenge, I still wanted to capture this image for Kim and Steven, so with a bit of squeezing on the part of the guests and my wide angle lens, the large wedding party photo was taken.

So, are you only as good as your last photo, I think so!

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