Posing the Bride

October 1, 2015

Posing the Bride

Posing the Bride

The pose you choose when photographing your beautiful Bride has to match her personality, this is why its very important that as the official photographer you need to become experienced at reading people and understanding the different personalities.

There is nothing worse than a photographer who is very controlling and has his or her style and come what may they want to push this onto the subject.

I have attended weddings where the wedding photographer wanted to get what he called his speciality shot, one such comes to mind, this particular photographer wanted to get his “hollywood wedding photo” you know the one, where the bride falls back and the groom lays over the Bride, this can look wonderful, if its natural, if its what the couple want however this particular couple were very uncomfortable with this style but the photographer continued to put pressure on the wedding couple and I am sorry but the whole experience was awful and the image in-front of me was so contrived.

Photography is all about emotion and this emotion, connection has to start with you as the photographer, this then absolutely impacts on the photograph.

This beautiful Bride was so lovely and so bubbly, it was an absolute pleasure photographing her, I do feel her personality is clearly visible in this photo.

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