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Editing 4k on a slow PC system with DaVinci resolve.

Editing 4k on a slow PC system with DaVinci resolve.


If like me you’re fed up with using Adobe software because of their extortionate monthly instalments or you have a PC/Laptop that isn’t built for editing power eating 4K footage then this little blog will help you get past the issue and open up the possibilities of editing 4K using Davinci resolve or to be honest most editing systems.

Firstly you’ll need to download this free software from this site –

Davinci Resolve software –

It’s a very simple encoding tool, you can either encode all files into one continuous Mpeg file or (as I would recommend) go to the edit menu and batch encode the required 4K files.

I chose to encode my clips too 720X576 it just seemed the least power crazy format however you could choose a higher resolution if you wish, maybe 1280X720.

When all the files are converted, you can then set up a project using 4K settings, the next stage is import these low resolution files and change the project setting to your encoded footage size I.E 720X576.

This lets you edit happy in the editing system, once you have completed editing (this is vital or the project will possibly crash) change the settings back to your full 4K settings, then save and shut the software down.

Next, you need to change the folder name where the low resolution files are to the name of the full 4K resolution files folder, this tricks the software into unporting the full 4K files, when you open up the editing software, the full 4K files will be in the project, with all the edits ETC.

Export the project as normal and you’ve successfully edited 4K footage on your standard PC/laptop.


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Portrait Photography


Portrait and/or Family portraits in Bath, Avon

Sony A9 and Sigma 135mm lens review

Sigma 135 on Sony A9 Review

Now I’m not a man of many words when it comes to writing Blogs in a technical manner, I’m very much a photographer who bases my impressions on what a camera or lens produces for me.

Very briefly I have just recently moved over to the Sony A9 and to say its incredible, the best camera i have ever owned, really doesn’t do the Sony A9 justice, but it is!

I shot this photo-shoot in the beautiful Botanical Gardens (in the historic City of Bath) using the Sigma 135 mm. Now i’m pretty sure the G-Master 135 mm lens could possibly provide better focus in low light, or possibly the image quality may be sharper (when Pixel peeping) but paying the extra £1000.00 for the G-Master just seemed a tad nuts to me as Sigma lenses are pretty darn good now.. but enough of me, please take a look at these images, all Jpegs with a some editing however to be honest they really didn’t need it!

I have reduces the rez to 72 – 1500×1500 for my blog but I can assure you, the quality from this lens is outstanding and focus nailed every shot!

Oh, just a little info with regards to setting – Aperture from 1.8/5.6 – Auto ISO and Shutter set not to drop below 1/250 – Mechanical Shutter as I used a tough of back flash and tracking Flexible spot (M)

Thanks for checking this out. Michael Gane

Capturing images from 4k footage?

Can you capture images from 4k footage?

I’ve been Photographing and Filming weddings for many years, I was always one of those photographers that always said “use a video for film and a camera for stills”

I have worked for some pretty impressive companies in my professional life such as Disney, Sky Sports etc etc.

Over the past few years I have been watching the technological growth of the Sony mirrorless cameras, patiently waiting for the camera that can really provide the option to provide my fusion wedding and Video services, where it would be possible to utilize one camera.

I’ve had to eat my words! I have been using the Sony A7iii since it arrived on the market and the results have been incredible. I no longer have to carry several pieces of heavy equipment (or my wife lol) using two of these fabulous cameras with the 28-75mm Tamron and the 85mm sony lens, i’m getting the results.

I was recently asked to photograph a friends show rehearsal of the musical – Westside Story and i thought this would provide me with the opportunity to see if its possible to export individual frames from the 4k footage.

I was very impressed with the results and I have added a few of the images from this test for you to view.

I found the best settings for the 4k were 1/200 shutter speed, f2.8 and let the camera set the ISO. I had read that the footage could look a tad robotic at this frame rate however encoding the 4k footage to 1080p looked absolutely amazing in my eyes.

I captured the frames using Final Cut Pro, exported these into Photoshop, set up an action to increase the size, add sharpening and a touch of noise reduction.

I know a few of the images may not be perfectly sharp and ill need more testing but i’d Love to know your thoughts at this stage.

American Wedding and Olympus

American Wedding and Olympus

Having the opportunity to use my Olympus E-M1 mkii for a wedding in the US wasn’t going to be missed.

The wedding was in corolla outer banks of North Carolina and apparently they pronounce it corral.

If you gonna get married do it style; I had the privilege of documenting a wedding through photography at the beautiful and stunning coral island in America last week.

What could be better given the opportunity to photograph a wedding in the USA and especially at this stunning location,  on the incredible the Atlantic coastline.

It was a  nine hour drive from South Carolina, where we had landed. I’ve been a wedding photography for about 25 years and have had the privilege of photographing many different styles from India through to Jewish, Spanish Italian, however I had never had the opportunity to photograph an American wedding. There are some minor differences in the way the wedding day celebrations unfold.

It’s wonderful to see all the family and friends attending a beautiful evening style reception, party, before the main event and you’ll find members through the evening raise a glass of champagne and show their love to the couple for those that are gonna be well next day.

I arrived at the venue two hours before the ceremony began, the gorgeous beach, sunshine would have been wonderful, however looking back on the wedding now, it did tend to make it a tad easier for me, it may have been a challenge with direct sunlight, which would have been directly on  the bride and groom at the time of the ceremony.

Slightly overcast skies provided the perfect backdrop, a wonderful scene, looking out to the Atlantic sea.

I’ve been using the Olympus E-M1 mkii for a few  months now and I was so looking forward to using this wonderful camera in America for this beach wedding.

I know from experience now, using this camera the speed of focus the shutter speed and the metering is absolutely fantastic and it worked through everything I believed in.

The ceremony was held by Brides closest friend, wonderful words, personal thoughts demonstrating to all their love for  eachother, they then went on to the celebration of marriage, being drawn to together with their vows.

During the wedding celebration, two glasses were filled with sand from the beach for all to view on a  little table with a picture of the Bride and Groom.

My style of photography when capturing a wedding and the romantic images of the bride and Groom is always natural, I want the Bride and Groom to feel free, natural together, this always provides wonderful and beautiful natural photos, capturing wonderful memories.The reception was very intimate, a true lovely celebration of wonderful Family and Friends.

Family and Guests within the party gave their blessing to the newlyweds, with words of love.
It was such an amazing privilege having the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful Wedding.

The Olympus E-M1 was fantastic to use and is absolutely my main workhorse with regards to my profession as a wedding photography.

If you wish to see how this camera performs in real life, with real life wedding photography then please scroll down and check out the Wedding images below.

Sony A7 mkiii 4K

Sony A7 Mark III

I have to be honest,  the main reason for buying the Sony A7 was because of the incredible low light capabilities.

I’ve been a keen photographer and filmmaker for about 27 year,  I’ve been very lucky I’m working for some pretty impressive companies including Disney, Sony, Halfords, Sky Sports just to name a few.

I’ve never been happy with noise levels in all the cameras I’ve owned, unfortunately I’ve never been satisfied with the noise in certain images when shooting above a certain ISO.

So although I’ve filmed with Sony video cameras for many years, I’ve never owned a Sony DSLR/Mirrorless camera, when it came to wedding photography. I’ve always wanted and wished for a camera that exceeds in low light, when pushing high ISO.

This Sony A7 is absolutely amazing with regards pushing the ISO,  I keep the in camera noise settings to low because it does tend to smear the images if set higher however keeping the settings low and importing the images into Photoshop, I’ve seen some pretty impressive photos, I’ve taken at crazy high ISO levels.

An added benefit to this camera is the focus, I use the eye Focus 90% of the time when shooting weddings with this camera,  I have been stunned how this thing locks onto the eye from a distance and catches those images pinsharp.

The speed of which this camera focuses is superb,  it’s massively increased my hit rate and helped make being a wedding photographer even more enjoyable.

So a few months ago I was reading a lot of articles with regards to grabbing stills from 4K footage,  because I’ve filmed and Photographed weddings all over Europe, having an extensive knowledge of editing, using programs such as After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premier, Canopus and Avid, I still find myself being asked to film a Dual service for weddings, I became very interested with the possibility of using the Sony A7 mk iii to film certain sections of a wedding, having the ability to grab images from the footage.

This is going to be my first introduction blog with regards to my initial tests and later after offering the dual service using this camera full wedding (Wedding number 24 with the Sony A7 mk iii)  It’s now my workflow for weddings, when asked to provide the full service.

I have only added two images to this article, partly due to time but also so is not to bore you with my attempts at wildlife photography. I clearly remember these first clips were filmed in 4k Aperture setting f 5.6 –  shutter speed 1/1000 and ISO at 8000. I then imported the frames into Photoshop and grabbed 2 frames (of literally hundreds that I could have used) I was very excited and pretty impressed.

Wedding Photography fads

Wedding Photography fads

I do try to keep up with my personal Blogs however at this time of year I do tend to be quite busy with my wedding photography and landscape photography.

I know it’s not good enough, we all understand the importance of blogging, social media posts, I’m now a member on so many social media sites it’s crazy but apparently its the must into todays challenging times, when it comes to marketing and even more so, I believe in the photography profession as everyone and their Aunty is now a Pro-photographer lol

I remember when the majority of weddings were through the summer months and hardly ever on a weekday but now, from January through to December and every day of the week can be a wedding day!

Many of my readers know that for many years I was an avid Fuji fan but after using the Olympus E-M1 mkii for  sports event, I decided Olympus was going to be my next camera and i’m well pleased with the results of this camera.

However just as we all make changes to our photography kit over the years we also have to look at fashions in the Wedding photography business.

I have to say I’ve never really been into the posing images when shooting a wedding, I have never liked the posed look at the camera and smile shots, the dramatic lighting effects or the throw the Bride back look, where the majority of the time, the poor Groom looks so uneasy! Oh, and what about, “let’s all walk toward the photographer in a line or even worse, the jumpin the air shot.

I make no apologies on my site when I state, that if a client is looking for these staged shots then it’s best to look elsewhere!  

I want natural, beautiful wedding images, that really tell the story of the Bride and Grooms wedding day. I find it so frustrating when I’m looking for that natural cute look from a small child and someone says, “look, look, smile at the nice photography” the shots lost, that look that emotion suddenly turns into Mr Cheese!

Yes, I know some of the images have to have a little control, to ensure the client has a few images for the album or for Mum and Dad (if that’s their wish) but I’m speaking about the whole day being planned, where the photographer has to get the particular shot! I remember one particular wedding photographer, who always wanted to get “as he called it (Hollywood Image)  where the Groom would throw the Bride back, every wedding, he never seemed to take anybodys personality, style into account!

It’s the same when I take a couple or family out for a Family photoshoot, I want natual, never preconceived shots!

Anyway, why? I hear you ask have I called this Blog ‘Wedding Photography fads”?

Well, clients are more and more pulling away from the dramatic, unreal wedding photos, I  think social media has really brought the reportage style to the forefront of Wedding Photography. It’s all about, realism, I want it now, fun, please don’t give me staged, give me real life!  thank goodness, this is my way of shooting a wedding, so for me, it’s wonderful. If you want the work, if you want to take those photos that make people smile, if you want to really capture those magical wedding photos, try to be reactive, acting in response to a situation rather than creating or controlling it

Enjoy these photos from a recent wedding and enjoy your wedding photography.

Michael Gane – thefxworks – “Photography is a passion, lets take it with Olympus”




Real Wedding Photography

Real Wedding Photography

There are many opportunities in life to push yourself and make those dreams come true, this is something I have always told my children, if you have a dream, if you feel drawn to a particular role in life, then make it happen. I have to admit I do feel I have the best job in the world, I’m not only a professional photographer, its my passion, my hobby. What could be more fantastic than meeting beautiful people and telling their story through the art of wedding photography.

I have had the pleasure of traveling to some of the most awesome location’s in the world, some of the most incredible venues, villas in Italy, castle’s in Belgium, Chateau’s in France and incredible venues, monasteries, abbeys and stunning villages in and around the somerset country side, oh and we must never forget the Cotswold’s around Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, simply stunning.

What I love is capturing the wedding as it unfolds, those little details that many may fail to see, the colors the floral decorations, the location and the life and soul of the wedding guests, the newly weds, the fun, the life, real people real wedding’s.

Many of my clients ask if I visit the venue prior to the wedding day? We’ll to be honest after photographing weddings for over 23 years, I have to say, I have probably experienced every style of wedding, every weather condition known to man and as I mentioned previously every type of venue, even recording a wedding in caves in France!

Let me explain how I love to work, I love experiencing life as it unfolds, If I see something interesting, beautiful, I am drawn to take the photo, record the scene, I dislike pre-contrived images, I am not a photographer who manipulates what is happening, a wedding is life, its real, for instance, at one wedding I was photographing, the Groom surprised the Bride by bringing along her horse, fabulous, stunning moments, incredible images; if the Groom punches the air after the ceremony, thats real, thats true, I wouldn’t ask the Groom to do this, just for a pre-contrived image.

My role as a wedding reportage photographer is all about capturing the true emotion, I love, documenting the wedding, telling the story of the wedding day.

Should the Bride and Groom wish to have group images, then this is when I use my skills to take truly memorable group images and naturally I love to take the newly married couple away for a walk, to capture their romantic photo’s, working with their style, their natural love and maybe just making minor adjustments to posture, to produce stunning images.

I am passionate about my wedding photography, I love natural unobtrusive images, true memories, real moments, real wedding photography!

If your desire, for your wedding, is to have beautiful, artistic memories of your special day, then you have come to the right place.


Wedding’s in Bath

Wedding’s in Bath

Wow, this year has been so busy for me, I must admit I had felt the wedding photography market had slowed down, last year I photographed 35 weddings which did seem a tad quieter compared to previous years.

I do put every ounce of my heart and soul into my wedding photography, every single sense of passion (as all artistic individuals) but having this inert part of our Personality to critique oneself constantly, its not always constructive criticism either.
You know “have we lost our skill, that artistic flair? Yep, stupid I know but it’s something that a Virgo has to put up with!

Anyhow, I’m chalking on, but back to my original thought, this year has been wonderful, having the added privilege of photographing a beautiful wedding in North Carolina (Outer banks) on the beach to really top it off, a superb wedding in Italy, one of my favourite locations and many many weddings in this beautiful country Great Britain. This year so far, I’ve provided my reportage wedding photography service 9 times in Bath, 12 weddings in the surrounding Somerset countryside, 2 in London, one at my favourite location Zion Park and several locally at the wonderful Orchardleigh House and Italian Gardens.

Every wedding has its special moments, those special images and every wedding photo shoot as different as the seasons however some weddings do tend to have that little extra something, maybe it’s the location, the guests or that extra magic between the Bride and Groom.

The images within this article are from just one such wedding, this wedding was for the beautiful Sophie and handsome Gregory.
They both met and fell in love about 10 years ago at university, and Sophie moved her life out to Geneva where she works as head of HR for a top Russian company and the talented Greg is in the oil business.
Geneva a  city in Switzerland on the e southern tip of  Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). Surrounding this incredible city is the Alps and Jura mountains, dramatic Mont Blanc.
Just check out the beauty of this wonder place and yet Sophie and Greg chose Somerset for their wedding. The reception was held at Sophie’s parents house.
The most beautiful home, their gardens were a sight for garden lover’s, as beautiful as a natural trust property.
The church service was held at the quaint Lullington Church, then back to the home where two gorgeous marquise had been set up, wonderful food provided for all the family and friends.
There were so many lovely locations to take the happy couple, the rain didn’t for one minute stop play and later in the evening we were blessed with a gorgeous golden hour for more portrait photos. The images below are just a few more photographs taken on my Olympus and my stunning little flash, the Nissin i60a which provides the opportunity to fire 4 WiFi flash guns, great little flash. Anyway I do hope you enjoy the images and let’s all strive to make every I image we take, the very best. Remember Ansel Adams once said “10,000 photos to get that one perfect shot.

Military Wedding

Military Wedding

Military weddings are such an amazing wedding day, the uniforms always add that extra-special touch to any event but a wedding, fantastic!

I have photographed many such weddings through my years in the wedding photography industry and the Wedding for Jonathan and Abigail at the wonder Guyers House (Corsham) was one such wedding.

I arrived to take a few candid shots of Abi and her gorgeous Bridesmaids, Father and Mother of the Bride before heading off to the quaint little church of St Patric’s in Corsham, every close to Guyers House.

When I arrived the lads had already started to practice their Military salute for the Bride and Grooms exit from the Church, after grabbing a few shots of this spectacle I then moved on to take reportage images of guests arriving etc.

Abi arrived in a stunning Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, her wedding gown was absolutely stunning, she looked sensational. 

I never interrupt the flow of the bride’s arrival, I want those beautiful natural photos.
The ceremony was a wonderful occasion, fantastic when the priest asked the congregation (any reason why this couple cannot be wed) all the lads drew their swords from their scabbards and stood to attention.

Fantastic confetti images as the Bride and Groom walked beneath the Military Salute followed by all the guests throwing confetti.

Guyers House looked wonderful, a beautifully decorated marquee, awaited the newlyweds.

I spent a few moments with Abi and Jonathan, taking them for a very unobtrusive stroll around Guyer House gardens, a few group photos for the happy couple, Abi through her bouquet to the girls which always makes for a fantastic photo opportunity.

I stayed until after the speeches, their first magical dance together as a married couple and then made my way home.

I have added a few of their wonderful wedding images here, beautiful couple, beautiful wedding

Abigail and Jonathan were flying out to Mexico the following Tuesday where I’m sure they’ll have a superb honeymoon, congratulations to you both 🙂   

Olympus EM1 mkii versus Sony A7 mkiii

Olympus EM1 mkii Lenses

I must admit I’m a bit of a a pain when it comes down to cameras and their gear, I get bored very easy. Don’t get me wrong, photography is my absolute passion, i’m an experienced Wedding and Portrait Photographer near the beautiful historic city of Bath.

However after a year or so of using the same camera, I do feel the need to move on.
I have been using the Olympus EM1 mkii for the past year, with the 12-40mm f2.8 and a couple of other Olympus lenses.

I have been watching the developments of the Sony mirrorless cameras and was extremely impressed with the Sony A7 mk iii and had set my mind on getting hold of this camera.

Very excited I pre-ordered from Amazon and excitedly anticipating the arrival, well on the day of arrival, the camera had not appeared at my door, I decided to call Amazon who told me that the camera would now not be delivered for another month! 

After canceling the order, and having given myself a talking too, I decided that maybe I should help myself feel a little happier by purchasing four Olympus lenses, their latest Pro Lenses.

Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro M.Zuiko ED

Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 45mm f/1.2 PRO

Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm F1.2 Pro

Olympus M.Zuiko 25mm F1.2 Pro

I have now tested each lens and have decided that I’m staying with Olympus for the time being, these lenses are absolutely fabulous, they are all incredibly sharp, beautiful Bokeh and a superb rendition of contrast and of course the famous Olympus colours.

These four lenses are now in my Wedding kit bag, I feel that I can be happy with the Olympus Camera for another year, I’m now satisfied; or am I?

These images were all taken randomly using each of the lenses mentioned

St George Beckington

St Georges Beckington

Living in such a quaint little village as Beckington has many benefits, being away from the hustle and bustle of a town or city, close to the wonderful Somerset countryside and having a beautiful village church. Another little piece of historical information for you. Beckington Abbey was probably given this name by one of its wealthy residents, was built about 1156. In 1347.

St Georges Church has just covered its 700 years as the 700th anniversary of the first Rector of Martin de Sutton, his name is one of first on the list inscribed on the wall in the bell tower. 

I have been apart of many weddings in this fine Saxon Church, as the official wedding photographer it’s literally 5mins down the road from my home in the village, so very handy.

I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful wedding at St Georges only a couple of weeks ago, such a beautiful and romantic wedding celebration.

Being part of Rachel & Peters Wedding day was wonderful, it was such a pleasure documenting their fabulous day with photography.

Then off to the wonderful Wedding Venue on the Orchardleigh Estate, the beautiful Orchardleigh House where I’m the official wedding photographer. 

I wish them all the love in the world, I have added just a few of the wedding photos from this lovely wedding here on the Somerset border just outside the incredible roman city of Bath.

For your wedding photography in Somerset or the surrounding borders., take a look at the many other wedding galleries on this website and secure your wedding photography with me. 

Autumn in Somerset

Autumn in Somerset

The summer days have now departed, the hustle and bustle of all those summer weddings, hundreds of wedding images taken, hundreds of newlyweds, the flowers, the bouquets, those fabulous wedding dresses, those emotional speeches and now a new beauty arrives in the Somerset countryside; Autumn has arrived.

Autumn weddings are sheer beauty,  capturing the low light, the orange glows, the changing colours of the foliage, those cold autumnal wedding days.

I so look forward to this time of year, apart from my passion for wedding photography, I love to spend some ‘me’ time, capturing the changing colours of nature.

I spent a few hours at this beautiful National Trust property (Lacock) on Sunday, a cool autumnal day, beautiful light, soft shadows.

Why not spend a little ‘you’ time away from the busy life of wedding photography and sharpen your photography skills, I worked with my little Olympus E-10 mk11 with a very old manual lens, it helps bring me back to real photography, looking for the light, capturing the low sun through shimmering leaves.

Low light EM1 mkii

Low light EM1 mkii

As many of you know I have been using the Olympus EM1 mark ii  for about six months now, initially I was a Fuji wedding photographer however decided I needed a change and move onto Olympus after testing the EM.

So how does this camera stand up in low light? with the Fuji I did tend to overlook the focusing issues and work with it. I read an interesting article and found I was working the same way, excusing poor focus missing some  shots, putting this against the quality of the images I ended up with, sometimes really poor back focusing and just plain missing the shot. 

This weekend I photographed a stunning wedding near Bath for the wonderful Henning and Chantelle. The first dance was something that they’d rehearsed for weeks and weeks and this wasn’t going to be a standard first dance “the slow smooth smooch”  this was going to be something with a bit of fun for the guests to enjoy. 

The venue is well known for being quite dark inside, it can be quite challenging, the photographer really has to understand his gear and some pretty major photography techniques, the lighting was very low the DJs lights were  very low,  just a few strobe lights and lasers. 

This is when you need a camera that focuses but essential  in low light.  I would normally keep the the focus assist light off however it was very dark so I decided to put this to on, shooting in full manual shutter speed was about 1/15 of the second, I had the flash set to manual, I think it was 1/4 power. 

I love to shoot the first dance and all the fun shots before and after I had to dance around the bride and groom to capture these weird and wonderful wedding dance shots but I have to say the EM1 focused brilliantly even in this mad low light. I made sure that I was focusing on a specific point to aid the camera aiming for the outline of the couple to make things less challenging but I think you’ll see by the images that this camera does produce brilliant images, focuses really quickly, even in low light.

 Take a look see what you think, you want to shoot Weddings, then be confident that the Olympus EM1 mkii is the camera to enjoy.

Wedding Photography using the Olympus EM1 mk11

Excited about Photography

Excited about photography

Come on Photography is exciting; I just can’t get enough, do you feel this way?

I don’t necessarily mean in my professional role, come on let’s be real, we all get those days when, you’re not quite feeling up to it, it doesn’t matter what profession you are in, I have a very dear friend who flies planes for a living, but even he gets those days when hed prefer to sit in a beer garden with a cool beer on a warm sunny day.No, what i’m talking about is your time as a photographer, where you can essentially just do your own thing!

I must admit I do get quite irritable if i haven’t been out snapping away, I’ve been doing this photography thing since i could walk but I’m still learning, I really don’t think i’ll ever say I know it all. You know when you’ve set up the shot and then realise you have missed something within the setup!!

Well, as I have mentioned in a few of my last posts, I am now an Olympus fan, I love the E-M1 mkii and I now own the little Olympus E-M10 mkii also, it’s a great little fun camera and to add to this little friend I have been buying OM vintage lenses, I want to have some fun, be fully manual, take my time, enjoy the fiddling around with aperture, ISO and speed settings, trying a bit of hyperfocusing, that sort of thing.

Taking a few images of flowers, insects, wildlife, I mean the odd robin red breast, with the all manual setup, it’s not quite as easy to capture that stunning image of an owl landing on a vole lol.

I have just got hold of the old OM 28mm lens, when attached to my 4/3rds it is more like a 50mm lens, I did cockup there, i have to admit, in my excitement to bid for this lovely mint condition lens, I failed to take into account the focal technicalities as I fancied a 28mm on the Olympus E-M10 mk ii but hey, it’s fine and has given me some great images even though its not quite wide angle.

The gallery of images below are all taken at a stunning National Trust property called Barrington Court. They may not blow your mind but it just shows what can be done and how important it is to keep you eye in and not lose the passion for photography, even if your profession (as me) is Wedding Photography around the Bath area, get out there and remember why you love this art. Happy shooting 🙂





fujifilm-x-t10 manual Photography

I must admit, I’ve never really been a fan of Facebook however we all know the benefits of social media. As a photographer, it is a great way to get my images out there and receive comments. I do use a number of other sites to display my Wedding photos, landscape etc.
The other thing with facebook is you also get notifications of some of the latest innovations in the world. Just the other day, I read about a new app that is being designed for photography, the guy in the video, explains how this new app will aid all photographers, amiture and professional photographers to get that perfect exposure!! Yes what this little thing does is set the camera for the photographer! Apparently it looks at the scene, checks a database of images and matches the exposure! What this guy fails to say, is this is what cameras have been doing for years when being used in full auto mode however that’s not the reason behind this small article, although fascinating what is happening in the world of photography, the…’I don’t even need to think anymore, and I’m a pro!” I must admit I do kind of like the thought that I’m not starting in the Photography business in this age, because unfortunately it does seem that the skill is being taken over by, “let’s let the camera do everything!” 

Well, this aint gona happen to me folks,  I love the art of photography, yes, it’s an art, I still believe you could have the most expensive, automated camera ever invented but it still won’t have passion, artistic eye, be able to get the composition right, decide what’s important in the image and have any emotional connection with the scene.
I have had the little Fuji fujifilm-x-t10 for some time now and although I’m using Olympus more these days, I still like to take this little camera out with me.
I’ve recently started getting hold of vintage lenses, their very cheep and yes some of the quality to be expected is below what were are used too but it’s such fun to go completely manual, manual ISO, Shutter Speed and F-stop. 

It gets your brain in gear again, gets the goggs turning, makes you think as a photographer.
This weekend I took my fujifilm-x-t10 out with an old f.28 – 135mm Vivitar lens attached, all the images were taken full manual, I did have my small monopod with me to help steady the shot as there is no magical gyroscopes in this baby! 
It was great fun, helped me to take my time, engage with the world around me, focus on what is important with the art of photography.
A few of the images are added to this article, I know their not mind blowingly brilliant but my point to me diarising this blog, is to say, continue to get to grips with your photography, don’t become automated, we still need Photographers out there that can take a photo 🙂 

Enjoy your photography – Michael Gane – thefxworks 

Fungai & Simon – Orchardleigh House

Orchardleigh Estate Wedding

Certain wedding’s have something special about them, something that makes the day just perfect. This small Photo Montage and Video Montage is just a small glimpse into one such wedding. The beautiful wedding for this lovely couple, Fungai and Simon who tied the knot – 2nd June 2017 on the Stunning Orchardleigh Estate.

Wishing Fungai and Simon (not forgetting the cute little Nate) a wonderful future.

TT and Olympus EM-1 mk ii

TT trials at Castle Coombe

What could be more fun than joining the Honda team at a famous race track in Wiltshire to take photo’s of test trials on the new Honda being road by 4 of the top TT star’s.
John Mcginniss, the fabulous TV star Guy Martin, Michael Dunlop and one of my TT favourite, Hutchy.
Photography being my passion and not just my profession,  I absolutely love Sports Photography, I’ve attended many sports events over the years from F1 to Horsing events but have to say as a rider myself, too of my list has to be Motorcycle event’s however before all those sports photographers critique my images, there is a small caveat here, my skill is portrait and Wedding Photography, so be kind 🙂  

As many know, I’ve recently moved over from Fuji to Olympus, the new EM-1 mk ii and I’m absolutely loving this beast, now my number one camera for my Wedding Photography, my travels and yep, now for my sport’s.

I’ve just quickly put this article together with a few images from the day’s shoot as i haven’t had the time to run through all the days images yet as i must admit things are a tad manic at this moment in time but let me just say again as in other blogs about the Olympus E-M1, the focus and of course frames per second (60 fps) is awesome, staggering, blisteringly fast and incredibly accurate, i set the camera on Manual, F8 – ISO 800 and 1/4000 sec as i wanted to completely stop all movement, just to test this camera’s speed and i tell you, there is no stopping the camera, i do have to say, i think it’s as fast as my Canon 1D, i know my Canon is about 3 years old but wow the Olympus is very impressive. I was using the 12-40mm 2.8 lens for these shots.

I will, once i have time, load a full set of images from the day and also, as promised, a full review on my experience using this camera as my main camera for my Wedding Photography, however in the hopes of keeping my diary blog up to date, and for any, who happen to read my thoughts a small article with regards to the Olympus E-M1 mk ii.

This camera, looks great, feels great and is so fast, Pro-capture is an amazing addition to the camera however you just need to carful with regards to the amount of frames you take as it can hold the camera up for a few seconds, so I would personal only use this setting when I knew I would need to immediately take another shot.

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Fuji Xpro2 – four month’s on

Fuji Xpro2 Four month’s on

Four months on and 12 wedding’s now covered using the Fuji Xpro2, many of my reader’s have read my reviews about my experiences using this mirrorless camera and checked out the images I have posted, well I thought I would provide an update and a few more photos from a recent wedding taken just outside the City of Bath.

I’ll do my best to provide as many hands on details as possible however as usual please don’t expect a comprehensive article, this blog will run through the positive and yes some of the more frustrating challenges I have experienced whist using and loving the Xpro2 camera.

The camera feels great in the hands, very user friendly, ergonomically great, many of the guest’s at wedding’s ask what camera am I using, they seem to love the retro look and to be honest the majority of guest’s now have huge Canon or Nikon’s so it’s great that to be different from the crowd as it were!

I did have an issue with the spot metering on the camera at first, I didn’t feel it was as good as the XT1 however after several wedding’s I now use spot metering 90% of the time when I’m not in full manual mode.

The battery life has improved after cutting down on checking the image’s and tuning the camera off when it’s not in use, it starts up pretty quickly so that’s not an issue but one thing I have become aware of is the body does seem to get quite warm with constant use, love to hear from anyone who has experienced similar.

It was great reading that the Xpro2 would have the diopter next to the viewfinder for those of us without 20/20 vision but the amount of times I have to reset this little dial is a real pain, it tends to get accidentally turned during shooting, not a major issue however it does get a little frustrating when I have to reset several times during a photo shoot!

Having the dual slot is fantastic, I have never really worried about having twin slots but I must admit I now love it, having all the image’s saved to my number 2 (128gb) card is great.

Focusing is wonderful, I use f1.2 for many of my shots when using the 56mm lens and 98% of the photo’s are nailed perfect, its fast in good light and pretty darn accurate in low light, yes I may miss a few shots however I did when I shot with my canon 5d in low light.

When I move into the church or venue for the ceremony or where light is pretty steady I’ll take a shot in P mode then set the camera to full manual, shooting in manual is exceptional, I can be confident that every exposure will be similar, this is how I shoot the speeches too.

I leave the white balance set to Auto, its pretty darn accurate and to be honest, I just never have time to alter the white-balance during a wedding!

To be completely honest that’s really about all I can say at this stage, the camera is superb for my style of reportage photography, please take a look at the few image’s below and make the move to Fuji if you haven’t already! I have added a few more images for you to view taken with this stunning Fuji Xpro2.

The English country side is one of the most beautiful places in the world and especially more so when the weather is balmy, summer time is incredible with the colours. Small quaint village’s, with all the history of long ago times.

I love photographing wedding’s around the Somerset countryside, we are extremely blessed as we live on the Somerset Border, close to Bath but also Wiltshire being just a few miles down the road.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of photographing and filming a wonderful English county wedding in one such Village, the small church of St Katherine nestled in the Somerset Village of East Woodlands, very close to the Longleat Estate.

The floral displays in the church were beautiful, wild Daisy, corn flowers, foxglove’s and forget me knots, the perfect floral display for the theme chosen by Scarlett and Jason.

The ceremony was beautiful, the words, reading’s and vows beautifully written to match the style that Scarlett and Jason had wished for on the wedding day, this really was a beautiful and romantic wedding.

The Marquee decorations held perfectly to the English country theme, wild flowers, wooden tables with gorgeous flowers in dainty cups, hay-bales adorned the meadow, just perfect for the guest’s but also wonderful for my photography, as I love to match the couple’s personalities, when requested to take the group image’s.

Such a memorable wedding for all the family and friends and a beautiful wedding for me to have the privilege to photograph.

We wish Scarlett and Jason all the luck and love in the world.

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