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'Every wedding is as individual as you' 

"When we look at a stunning sunrise or sunset, a gorgeous seascape, an incredible landscape, a little baby laughing, a proud Father with his son, the look of love between two people in love, nature, something extra special happens, somewhere within us, we take that experience, that emotion that feeling deep within our souls, our hearts are affected, the emotion of the moment becomes part of us" Michael Gane

Welcome to my gallery of wedding images, as mentioned in the about page, I have had the privilege to Photograph and record hundreds of wedding's throughout Somerset, Bath and internationally, I'm passionate about photography, wedding photography is an Art. The images are a small selection from a few wedding's; If your desire is to have your wedding documented through real Reportage Wedding Photography, recording the true beauty, fun and love of your day, more importantly, unobtrusively…then give me a call or email to check availability ASAP.