Fuji x100s

Award winning Photographers & the Fuji Xpro2 Camera

I have been a professional Photographer & Videographer for many years and I must admit, if there was a new camera on the market, I just had to have it!

Well as I learnt with Video cameras, (when I used to carry huge video equipment, battery belts, lights, tripods around with me) that size really doesn’t matter I found the same with my camera equipment.

My first try with Fuji was the little x100 a superb retro looking little camera, having five children and wanting to grab as many photos as possible, carting my huge 5D around with me became an absolute pain, on holiday, it was a nightmare.

I decided to set this little Fuji x100 camera to full auto (Normally shoot full manual) and just have some fun, it was so light, I could grab shots anywhere, silently too it was incredible however the real wakeup call was the image quality, the dynamic range was fantastic, yes it did tend to be a tad slow focusing but I didn’t find this a real cause for concern because I was so pleased when this little camera caught the photograph I was after.

Well since then I am a fully committed Fuji photographer, I have them all and absolutely love them.

If you haven’t got yourself one of these beauties yet, just try the x100s, take your time with her, it is a completely different style of photography but oh so worth it!

This image was taken yesterday evening, I didn’t spend ages composing the shot, it just looked beautiful and I wanted to grab it and save this view forever as we always do as photographers.

What a brilliant camera the Xpro2 and all the Fuji range