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Frequently Asked Questions:

Brides Preparations – YES or NO

The choice as to whether you have Bridal preparations photographed is as individual as you, please do not feel you have to have this intimate part of your wedding day photographed purely because you have read this as a must have on all the Bridal information you receive.

Firstly, it’s about you; are you and the wedding party comfortable with having this very intimate part of your day photographed?

Brides can sometimes feel this is something they should have however Brides, close family and the wedding party may not wish to be photographed on the morning of the wedding. You and your Family may wish to begin the day quietly with just those you love around; we are extremely unobtrusive when working however this is something you may need to consider. This service is also Bridal Preparations and we stay with the Bride for this part of the preparations, this is very much where reportage photography comes into play.

Secondly; Location; you and I need to consider the location of your preparations; is this to be held at your home/parents’ home or at the venue? I’m superb with my Art but please do consider the location is there room and natural light! My role within your day is to capture memories, fantastic images that you love my skill as a professional Photographer enables me to photograph in any location. I am a professional and I do require space in which to work because I want you and your guests to have space, to feel relaxed, enabling me to photograph the excitement and atmosphere; natural lighting, atmosphere enables me create these memories for you, photographs you will be thrilled with.

As your wedding photographer, I also have a caveat as to whether I record this; my sole intention is to provide you with outstanding award winning photographs, memories of your wedding however, firstly I need to also consider location.

 1) how far from the Ceremony is your Bridal Preparations, I will not jeopardise missing, you, the Groom, groomsmen, Family and friends arrival at your ceremony due to circumstances such as traffic, parking etc

2) We always leave an hour prior to your ceremony to ensure we arrive well in advance, due to traffic and/or parking.

Therefore should you wish to have photographs of you having your wedding gown being laced, please ensure this begins in advance of us leaving for the your ceremony.  

Many photographers add this service as an up-sell with regards to pricing; this can be hidden within the overall price. (We do not add any extra to costs within our service to photograph this part of your day)

all Bride PREPARATION photography is reportage photography, very relaxed and capturing natural images.


Formal Group Photo’s

How many Group Photos should we have taken? This a popular question from couples; one of the most important aspects of your day are the memories you have recorded however I’m sure you have experienced weddings where the Photography has taken up more time than you and your guests enjoying the special moments with friends and family, this is why it is essential to balance the number of Group photos, I personally recommend a maximum of 5, then you and your guests can truly enjoy the celebrations, naturally if you have any impromptu shots through the day, let me know, it’s never problem what so ever. However I always say, “you want to spend as much time with your family and friends as possible, should you wish to have just the two of you photographed we love to spend 20 mins with the two of you, away from your guests.

4K Wedding Video Service

Your wedding montage will be taken from various moments throughout your wedding, please do take a look at the montage added to the top of this page.

  1. Venue scenes
  2. Entrance of the Bride
  3. The vows (On confirmation of the Priest/ REGISTRARS)
  4. Your first kiss
  5. The procession down the aisle
  6. Entrance to the wedding Breakfast
  7. Grooms Speech
  8. Cutting of the Cake
  9. First dance (20:00pm – 21:00pm)

Your wedding montage will be edited beautiful, to include 5 of your memorable songs,music to enhance your wedding film. Your Wedding Film will be filmed in the latest 4k format, you will receive the completed montage on a beautiful USB drive and should you wish uploaded to Youtube channel for all your Family and friends to view. The length of your wedding video does somewhat depend on the length of the Groomsman speech however from experience 20 minutes – 45 minutes.

In order to ensure the vows are recorded clearly, we shall place a pin microphone on the Groom to capture the vows from the couple. Should the Groom decide not to wear a Pin mic then understand there is a high possibility that the vows would not be recorded clearly.

Please be aware that on occasions the Priest,Vicar or Registrar may not allow photography and/or video to be taken from the front of the church (facing the Bride and Groom) therefore photography and/or filming will be done from the rear of the venue/Church.

Are you Professional? Yes, I have been photographing weddings for over 30yrs, and I am very skilled and passionate with my work, I’m also a firm believer in the true meaning of the word Professional, photography is my profession, I do not photograph weddings on the weekend and then work elsewhere through the week, this is my profession 24/7

Do you take a Second Shooter along for the Wedding?

I felt the best way to explain this question would be for me to write a small article to provide my reasons for not emplying a second photographer for my wedding’s I photograph. 

You can read this information (HERE)

Are you insured? Yes, I am fully insured however I always suggest that clients take out a wedding insurance as this covers everything from any problems with a supplier, damage caused to the wedding attire or if you have to cancel due to accident, illness etc.

Should we visit the venue with you? If this is your desired wishes then naturally I will always try to meet Brides at the venue however, lighting, foliage can be completely different on your wedding day therefore I always arrive up to two hours prior to the ceremony, which gives me ample opportunity to view the location; I have recorded weddings in many diverse places over the years from Castles through to caves therefore my experience is one of the highest and you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

Photographed anybody famous?

Yes, I have recorded many weddings with celebrities, from George Michael, Jenson Button, Billy Ocean, Connie Fisher, Paddy Brennan, Bewitched, 911, many West end stars.

Do you use Flash? Another popular question, I love working with natural light, keeping the true ambiance of the scene, over use of flash alters the look and feel of the image, if there are soft light’s, candle lit rooms, then I love to capture this within the photograph where possible.

Do we need to meet with you? It’s always a pleasure to meet with clients however this isn’t necessary, weddings are very time consuming for the Bride and Groom, and therefore you can relax and leave everything to me with regards to recording you day also because of our documentary style we love to let the day unfold naturally.

Is weather a problem? Every Bride wants beautiful weather however this really isn’t an issue, I have photographed weddings in Snow, Rain, Hale and thunderstorms, every situation adds to the occasion and quite often overcast days have the most incredible natural light.

How does it work if we decide to have a Wedding Album as part of our service? Your wedding Photos will be ready for you 2 weeks after your wedding; these we will be sent to you Special Delivery. Your personal Gallery will be uploaded for you to view/download two weeks after your wedding, from your very own Gallery page, you can design and order you beautiful bespoke album.

How long have you been photographing weddings? Over 25 years, I used to work freelance for many large corporate companies and have produced work for companies such as Disney and Sony however I only document weddings now as this has always been my passion.

How many images do we receive? We do not limit the amount of images you receive for your wedding. Many photography companies will offer a limit of 300/400 on disk, my style of photography is to ensure I capture the perfect shot therefore when you receive your photos, they are individual images and no limit is set, it could be anything from 700/1000 on USB

Can we choose our music? Absolutely, this is very important as it adds that special touch to your Wedding Video highlights.

Do you supply Albums? Yes, we supply coffee table and the beautiful leather bound stunning wedding album.

Do you supply Images or Footage as RAW? I have been a Photographer and cameraman for many years and I understand the Wedding Photography Art to a T,  I shoot with top Pro cameras which are known to be the best cameras in the world, they produce incredible imagery, my service to you, is to provide you with outstanding and finished works, therefor I do not supply unedited or RAW images or footage.

When do we receive the USB with our photos? I make it my aim for you to receive your photographs on your return from honeymoon or two weeks after your wedding.

When do you arrive at the venue? Two hours before your ceremony if you are not having pre-prep, with pre-prep we arrive an hour before.

Is it you that documents wedding our day? Unlike many companies; you book me and I photograph your day for you.

Have you photographed weddings inside before? Many Brides ask this question and the answer is approximately 50% of a wedding is document are inside, the Ceremony, Speeches, cutting of the cake and your first dance.

Should we have a Receiving Line? a great tip to bear in mind is, try to keep the conversations with your guests as short as possible, if you have 80 guests and each guests chats for a minute the time runs away for you. 

Images: Unlike many other companies, you receive all your images taken on your day, there is absolutely no limit on the photos taken, and there are no hidden costs.

Booking Fee: To secure your date, a booking fee of £100.00 is required; the full balance is due four weeks before your wedding

You will be thrilled with our Wedding Photography and/or Video Service