Our work is to show the expression of love through your wedding photograph’s we capture the
magic of your wedding day with the Art of photography

Expressing your love through the art of Photography

My daughter recently was speaking to someone; a photographer who said they were in the process of editing their friend’s wedding Photos, she said that within the first hour she had taken well over 1300 images; It made me think about this article, so many new photographers use speed and technology to try to document someone’s wedding day!

Photographing people at weddings is not photography by numbers scenario each couple is different physically and emotionally our profession is to match the pose to the couple for the most outstanding results story telling their true personality and letting this shine through; I make it my aim to slow down to think about the image I am creating and how best to achieve, I consistently challenge myself to develop images in my mind’s eye and then translate them into beautiful photographs.

This isn’t something easy we need to work at it persevere its tenacity, perhaps most importantly its practice, I always look carefully at the images I produce to make them shine above others, creating magical memories for my clients.

I always try to visualise how I can transform the Portrait; I am constantly thinking about what happens if you change the position of the body the hands and legs the head; will the expression of light or I direction I shoot from create the impression I want to translate into the image.

It’s my responsibility to photograph someone’s wedding, I need to invest in knowledge to increase my natural abilities, I constantly try to improve on every shot I take, again this quite means slowing down and thinking in terms of quality not quantity, I  visualise specific poses that I wish to create that will complement each bride and groom.

Some of my Tips would be…..

I strongly recommend that when providing this service for couples you focus initially on mastering the basic poses before you progress into fine art portraiture, this is probably one of my top tits for any new photographer also developer a connection between you and your subject it makes all the difference. A couples wedding is all about the emotion of the couple, the love that they have for one another.

Our work is to show this expression of love through the photographs we capture during the wedding.

I love studying people, it’s interesting to notice people’s expressions, and how many times can you count where your loved one, children or a close friend has said so much to you with just the slight eye movement or adjustment of their posture, body language?

This is what I look for when I capture the photographs for my weddings or portrait photography.

The art in photography is noticing these expressions; this can take a photograph to the next level where all who view the image can understand the story being told.

If you sit and watch people when you’re out and look at the eye contact between two people, (Without being intrusive or nosy) you can tell what is being spoken without hearing a word, one can understand whether someone’s enjoying the conversation, is board, happy so many different emotions are clearly visible to everyone if we just spend the time.

I have five children and over the years I have learnt how vital it is to listen with my eyes not just my ears! Then I can truly understand what they have been asking me or telling me, the hidden meaning behind the words being spoken and I suppose this is what I have learnt to utilise with my photography that helps me capture those intimate feelings within my photographs.

Go on give it a try, you may be surprized how your photography improves, become immersed in your passion for the scene you are seeing in front of your eyes in order to tell the story to all who look at your photographs.

Artistic Wedding Photography that show’s your story through the Wedding Day